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19. Dr Brian Balmer

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Newly elected as a GPC negotiator, it would be naïve to think Dr Brian Balmer is wet behind the ears.

He energetically heads up one of the most active LMCs in the country, recently negotiating a remarkable ‘transition funding deal’ for 70% of PMS practices in Essex to transfer to GMS.

He has also been involved in negotiating a £400m fire-fighting fund from Health Education England to help with a GP shortage and helping to set up five new GP owned provider companies in his patch.

On the national level he led the GPC work to consult the public and professionals on the future of the profession.

Our survey results highlighted he is an experienced pair of hands who can ‘think outside the box’ and his experience will come in useful now that he has replaced Dr Peter Holden as a GPC negotiator.

His recent election is a ‘great honour’, he says, but he admits that the GPC has a hard task ahead. He says he has found it hard to witness the ‘growing level of dismay and dissatisfaction among good GPs of all ages, mainly due to an unmanageable workload’.

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