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Analysis: Managers turning the screw

In the past, managers used discretion when assessing the performance of practices under the QOF, but those days have gone.

To some extent this is because money is increasingly tight. PCOs are less inclined to give practices the benefit of the doubt, and do everything possible to save money. In some parts of the country PCOs have become more pernickety about awarding QOF points, although which indicators cause the most problems can vary from place to place. 

There are national QOF guidelines published by NHS Employers and the GPC. They give a rundown of what is needed to achieve each point and how to exception-report patients. That’s what practices and managers should follow, and then you should get the points, no argument. 

But if you don’t, issue a formal appeal. You have nothing to lose if you have been following this guidance, and your LMC can help support you through this dispute. 

Dr David Bailey is chair of GPC Wales