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We welcome additions to our assessment

We would like to thank your letter writers for sharing resources that describe cost-effective interventions in the care of patients with asthma.

Map of Medicine is used by primary care leaders to transform local services in line with local agendas, such as the need to improve quality and reduce costs.

We create care maps that track the patient journey from presentation to the most likely clinical endpoints.

To do this, we amalgamate high-quality evidence using a reproducible methodology.

For instance, to assess the quality of guidelines we use the Appraisal of Guidelines for Research and Evaluation (AGREE) instrument.

The primary care leaders we work with asked us to raw out the cost-saving measures we found in the high-quality evidence used to create our care maps. This information was first published alongside the Map of Medicine care map as a ‘beta', with a request for feedback from our users.

In the spirit of a ‘beta', the information received will be considered as we continue to work with primary care leaders to help them reduce the costs of care while raising quality.

Our current approach is less about publishing the evidence and more about getting information to work in real time on GP systems, especially at key transactions, such as referrals.

From Dr Pritpal Tamber, Medical director, Map of Medicine