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Never a dull moment

Good stuff from the new Government thus far, but don't get too comfortable, warns Copperfield.

Blimey. Never a dull moment.

Darzi's plans are flushed down the khazi . Revalidation remains exactly where it belongs, in limbo. And the Government sounds like it's about to give the two fingered salute to the patient survey .

All good stuff. And it makes you wonder just how much of a nudge we'd need to give Cleggeron, Lambsley et al to really make our day by blowing other sacred cows to smithereens.

I'm thinking in particular of the self-indulgent quasi educational fluff-brained plate of cack that is the appraisal system and the patient-indulging quasi empowering hare-brained plate of cack that is NHS Direct.

I'm sure other plates of cack will spring to mind (in fact, they have already: Choose and Book, two week waits and so on), but I won't get too excited.

After all, the coalition has already shown it's capable of producing monstrous U-turns back down the road to ruin when it had appeared to be heading in a sensible direction – such as its inexplicable and bonkers volte-face about Summary Care Records.

Which leaves me with three thoughts, each of increasing levels of despair. One, I've no idea what will happen next.

Two, Governments abhor a vacuum, which means new strategies will be developed to replace the ones the politicians have just scrapped, making us more change fatigued than ever; or there will be more new policy U-turns to leave us where we were, only more exasperated.

And third, what a criminal waste of finances: the easy scrapping of many of these initiatives is testament to how dumb-arsed they were in the first place. If a fraction of the money spent had been diverted into something worthwhile, the NHS would now be a much better, less cack-filled place. It wasn't, so it isn't.

'Sick Notes' by Dr Tony Copperfield is out now, available from Monday Books.

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Sick Notes by Dr Tony Copperfield is out now, published by Monday Books.