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An exclusive look at the AKT examination 2017

Pulse has exclusively got hold of the AKT 2017 examination paper. Here is a taster:

You are a female GP do you:

  1. Accept that having children probably isn’t practical
  2. Have loads of kids but be discriminated against by your employer and find yourself effectively forced out of the workplace through a combination of their unreasonable demands and your own exhaustion 
  3. Go ahead and have kids, take enough time off so that you can raise them only to find the door of your career slammed arbitrarily shut in your face by an inherently misogynistic profession that refers to you as ‘that nice lady doctor’

Revalidation is:

  1. PMSL 
  2. WTF?????
  3. D’oh!!!!!!!

Pseudopseuduohypoparathyroidism is:

  1. A mystery to me 
  2. Great for scrabble 
  3. Is an inherited disorder named for its similarity to pseudohypoparathyroidism where the individual has the phenotypic appearance of… oh whatever!

Australia is:

  1. Plan A 
  2. Plan B 
  3. Plan A and B  

 The GMC is:

  1. An organ of oppression, no better than the Stasi whose sole purpose is to grind you down to a state of apathetic submission  
  2. Based in Manchester somewhere 
  3. Watching you 

 If you are from the EU: 

  1. Kindly take your degree, your skills and your specialisms and f*ck off back to where you came from 
  2. Je parle le franglais – avez vous any beer? 
  3. Rule Britannia  

The following is a test question and will not be included in your final mark.

Only one of the following statements is true: