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Biff, Chip and Kipper go to the GP

Chip didn’t feel very well. He had a runny nose.

‘Chip has a cold’ said Dad.

‘Oh no!’ thought Mum.

‘Oh no!’ thought Floppy.

Dad phoned the doctor.

Dad was told that they didn’t have any appointments unless it was an emergency.

Dad thought it was an emergency.

Mum and Dad, Biff and Chip, Kipper and Floppy all went to the doctors.

Dad went up to the desk and banged on the glass.

‘I demand to see a doctor,’ shouted Dad.

Dad sat in the waiting room looking at his phone. He was in a huff.

Biff and Chip sat in the waiting room.

Everyone in the waiting room was coughing and sneezing.

The doctor was running late. He invited them all in. The doctor was nice. He took Chip’s temperature and looked in his ears.

‘He has a cold,’ said the doctor.

‘I know that,’ said Dad, ‘Call yourself a doctor?’

Dad demanded some special medicine.

‘You are wasting my time,’ said the doctor, ‘this isn’t an emergency’

Oh no thought mum, oh no thought Chip, oh no thought Biff!

Dad went very red and used a very naughty word.

When Dad got home his nose started to run. He had had caught a cold whilst waiting at the doctors.

My nose is sore said Dad. That will teach you, thought Floppy, just desserts thought Chip, what a tosser thought Mum. 

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