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Book review: ‘A career companion to becoming a GP’ by Patrick Hutt and Sophie Park

This fascinating read covers the most common career options that may lead on from qualification as a GP.

Topics covered include GP training, locums, OOH, salaried, partnerships, GPs with special interests, teaching, academia, and working overseas. As such it gives a comprehensive overview of many of the career options available as well as practical advice for those wanting to pursue a specific direction,  with not only factual content on the 'whats' and 'hows', but a genuine insight into those who have gone on to pursue broader interests in those fields using real life examples.

The highlights for me were the career profiles and reflective pieces included at the end of each chapter, but the book as a whole was an excellent read, and useful not only in terms of one's own career progression, but in better understanding that of others, and ultimately the options that are available.

A foreword by Roger Neighbour is almost worth the book alone!

In summary a text I would absolutely recommend - to GPs at any stage of their career- as the book itself would suggest, it is never too late to change your path, and this text could well give you the information and inspiration to do so!

Rating: 8/10

Dr Kate Culley is a GP ST3 at the Lighthouse Medical Practice in Eastbourne.