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Book review: ‘Community Paediatrics’ by Srinivas Gada

Paediatricans and GPs interested in children’s health are the target audience for this book, but there is still a lot of content in this book to make it a valuable resource for the ‘every-day’ GP.

Rather than pouring through larger textbooks or conducting an internet search, and then trying to filter the results for an appropriate answer, this book contains authoritarian knowledge and advice in a small footprint. I have used this to find quick answers to common questions that parents have, for example, regarding development, hearing or vision, or gait. It has been especially useful at 6-week baby checks. We would all know what should be normal or abnormal, but this is one of the first references I have come across that describes variations of normal and gives advice as to prognosis - very useful in explaining to concerned parents.

The book is in the characteristic ‘love-it-or-hate-it’ Oxford Handbook format; points are bulleted and there is sparse in-depth detail, and yet, that is why it perfectly fits in with General Practice. Easy to find information, easy to read, and easy to share with patients; a no-brainer addition to my reference shelf.

Rating: 8/10

Dr Khasif Bhatti is a GP in Wakefield