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Book review: ‘Epilepsy: Complementary and Alternative Treatments’ by Dr Sallie Baxendale

Prejudice struck when I saw the title, yet this was rapidly dispelled .This book is outstanding.

Part of a series of self help manuals from its publisher, the book's author is a distinguished clinical neuropsychologist from University College London. She takes pains to emphasise the need for sufferers to take their medication. The reader is instructed in the scientific methodology required to evaluate Alternative therapies, and which of the approaches have no scientific basis.

The author points out that for many stress plays a part in triggering fits,  so some of the remedies discussed aim to alleviate stress Helpful things to try are well explained without in any way forsaking a rational view.

The most attractive as well as intriguing of the many methods covered have to be Mozart's sonata for 2 pianos in D Major (K 448) because of its periodicity, and jasmine, ylang ylang, lavender, camomile, bergamot or marjoram oils used in aromatherapy because they lower arousal. Well worth a try!

Any clinician or patient will find this detailed and well written book educational, inspiring, and readily able to hold their interest.

Do buy it and pass it on!


Dr Grace Gibson is a GP in Hull