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Book review: ‘Just Desserts’ by Aubrey Waddy

I noted demonstration of a great caliber of writing, impeccable use of humor and gentle illustration of human emotions, in this piece of work by Aubrey Waddy.

This novel is based around a character of a young vascular surgeon who falls in love with a girl and gets busy in professional life and gets thrown in various circumstances with variety of people. One important dimension in the novel is formation of a kind of triangle that gets untangled in a special way following a supper, which could be considered as the climax of the novel. 

’Just Desserts’ was formerly published as ‘The Progressive Supper’.  I do not know the reasons behind republication with a different name.  I would consider this novel of thirty-four chapters and two hundred thirty one pages as a well worthy and entertaining read. I am not entirely sure if this opinion would be shared by people from outside the medical arena as on occasions it felt like too specific to medical fraternity. However, I was impressed by imagination of details and yet maintenance of a natural flow which kept my curiosity intact throughout.  Certainly recommendable as a stimulating and entertaining novel.

Rating: 10/10

Dr Amit Kumar is a GP in Aylesford