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Book review: Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics

The latest addition to the ever popular and much revered oxford handbook series, the Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics continues the tradition of providing easy to use, well structured and succinct coverage of all major aspects of the speciality. More a quick reference guide and memory prompt than a detailed account on management of each topic, it nonetheless covers all the common (and the more weird and wonderful!) conditions in the usual compact form and easy read format. Whilst it is without question aimed primarily for those working within the speciality it still provides clear and relevant information for those in primary care, and is also a very useful revision tool for medical students, GP  and paediatric trainees alike. Particularly helpful are sections on paediatric neurology and the exanthems, as well as detailed information on more complex subjects such as genetics and neonatology, with a very useful section on community child health. Strangely lacking is the traffic light system of assessment of the unwell child which might have made a helpful and worthy addition. Paediatric emergencies, vital signs and resuscitation are however all well covered. All in all without question a useful text, and despite some limitations another oxford handbook classic.

Rating: 8/10

Dr Kate Culley, GP locum Eastbourne