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Book review: ‘The Heart of Care: Dignity in Action – A guide to person-centred compassionate elder care’ by Amanda Waring

At a time when the population is ageing, dementia is an increasing concern, and more and more of us are likely to end up cared for or in care, Amanda Waring’s book is a timely reminder of what should be at the heart of good care, inviting us to consider what person centred care really means and how it can best be achieved.

A member of the board of the National Dignity Council, she writes with authority and from personal experience, providing almost a manual for good care with exercises to work through and practical tips for increasing awareness of psychological needs and how these might best be addressed.

Whilst hugely relevant to GPs and highlighting areas of consideration in care so often overlooked, this book is primarily aimed at those providing long term care at home or especially in a residential setting, with chapters including from home/hospital to care home, creating a thriving care home, heartfelt communication and dementia care.

Chapters on emotional and spiritual care would be especially relevant for those with an interest in, or working in, a palliative care setting.  

Without question a thought-provoking read, and one we could all benefit from, whatever our background.



Dr Kate Culley is a GP in Eastbourne