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Book review: ‘Tired but Wired: The essential sleep toolkit – how to overcome your sleep problems’ by Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

Written by an experienced clinician, this book is a practical guide to overcoming sleep problems.  The first part describes the role of sleep in the context of our increasingly busy lives and proceeds to describe the various types of sleep problems.  The second part is the toolkit itself – a set of practical exercises designed to help restore normal sleep.  The reader is encouraged to select those exercises most appropriate to their situation.  The final part consists of a detailed case history and a section of frequently asked questions.

I found the first part fascinating particularly in placing sleep problems in the context of our increasingly information-rich lives.  The toolkit in the second part is based on the author's clinical practice and is clearly presented.  The third part helps to consolidate learning from the earlier parts.

This book will undoubtedly be helpful to those suffering from sleep problems but does require motivation – the holistic approach of the toolkit encourages diet and lifestyle changes associated with sleep hygiene prior to embarking on the more specific relaxation and thinking exercises. 

Overall I feel this book is one to recommend to those suffering from sleep problems but ready and willing to help themselves recover.


Dr Shehriar Hussain is a GP partner in Westhoughton, Lancashire