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Call out for the GP Heroes

Pulse is calling for nominations for GP heroes who deserve to be recognised for the exceptional care they have been providing during the Covid-19 pandemic and past year.

Our annual Power 50 list of GPs is changing this year to include any GPs who have gone above and beyond to ensure the best possible service for patients and staff during exceptionally challenging times.

We recognise GPs across the UK have been put to the test and are all changing the face of general practice at this time – not just those in positions of national influence, which the Power 50 usually centres on.

We are therefore asking that nominations this year are largely for GPs who have not previously appeared in our Power 50, though will make an exception for some honourable mentions.

The final list of nominations will not be numbered as they usually are, but we would still like to include information explaining what makes your GP hero stand out.

To nominate a GP, please send us as much of the following information as possible by Tuesday 7 July on :

1. Their name

2. 150-word summary of why they are a hero and what they have done

3. The name of the GP practice they work at

4. The email address of the GP you are nominating (optional, and only with the GP’s consent)

5. The phone number of the GP you are nominating (optional, and only with the GP’s consent)

6. If possible, a high resolution photograph in portrait of the GP you are nominating (head and shoulders included, not cropped out)

Alternatively, you can fill out our survey here.