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College Boy to the rescue!

Dear Sirs in Charge of the College,

I think it’s fair to say you’re not very popular at the moment! But don’t despair, I’m here to help!

Let me introduce myself. I’m a cartoonist and I’ve been drawing cartoons for bloody ages

Over the years I’ve created some of the world’s most popular super-heroes including Crab Boy, Hedgehog Man and the unforgettable Rubinstein Fin-ferlandin-fu.

But I think it’s high time the Royal College of GPs had its own super-hero, don’t you? It would be a great publicity stunt and the college would be more accessible to its loyal members who already have to pay an extortionate fee for no particular reason.

Let me explain. Each adventure will begin the same way. College Boy, as I’ve named him, is sat relaxing at his London pad in Euston square. He opens a mindfulness colouring book and plunges headlong into a fantasy world of the college’s own creation. He then has to battle against common sense and reason armed with a cloying sense of political correctness and a coloured pencil.

His catch phrases are ‘lift off’, ‘see you next Tuesday’ and ‘I ain’t no moth man!’

I’ve worked really hard on this idea and I’ve spent ages drawing him because I wanted to give you a real flavour of his character. I’ve included a sample below.

Let me know when I can come and meet you in London, perhaps I could ‘see you next Tuesday’ and we can ‘lift off’ together, but remember ‘I ain’t no moth man!’

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Strugatsky

k hole image