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Department of Health releases PokeyGP to solve recruitment crisis

PokeyGP is a free to play, location based, augmented reality game developed for your phone by the Department of Health. 

We spoke with Colin, one of the game’s designers: ‘In PokeyGP you have to wander around empty industrial estates, late night motorway cafes and the bushes of your local park until you find a colourful character willing to train as a GP. When you spot one you have to capture it by throwing a ball at its head. Once captured you can train it up to be a GP with candies and stardust.’

Apparently a candy is some kind of sweet.

The DH hopes that the game will help to solve the recruitment crisis currently facing general practice in the UK. Adults have already reported that it’s about as tepid, soul destroying and unfulfilling as watching your child play Pokémon GO.