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Donald Trump’s thoughts on the NHS

After his inauguration, billionaire optimist Donald Trump was asked for his thoughts on Brexit.

‘It’s gunna be beautiful’ he said. He then formed an ‘O’ shape with his thumb and index finger, made the face of a man who’s just had a boiled sweet pushed up his bum and said ‘Just beautiful’.

He was then asked what he thought about the humanitarian crisis in the NHS: ‘beautiful’, GP practice closures: ‘beautiful’, an overstretched A&E service: ‘beautiful’, woeful inadequacies in social and nursing home care: ‘beautiful’, a demoralised and over-regulated profession:’beautiful’, and so on. 

It seems that wearing a toupee spun out of cobwebs and more money in the bank than Eritrea makes you confuse the word ‘beautiful’ for the word ‘shite’; a tactic which has been used by the Conservative party for decades.