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Dr Andrew Walker: Get rid of GPs – useless, the lot of them

Why should the Prime Minister or indeed anyone else value GPs?

They’re useless, says so in the papers. Let’s get rid of the lot of them.

Did you know they’re ignorant about nearly everything they should have learned in medical school? How many times have you seen an article saying they need more education about X,Y or Z? That proves it.

What do they do anyway, apart from playing golf and counting their money?

People only go to them with minor illnesses when they could get advice from someone else like a chemist or that nice NHS 111 helpline.

We could all use an app or that Google to diagnose ourselves and if we’re worried just go straight to A&E. Any kid could do that, so could my 90-year-old neighbour (and she’s got dementia and incontinence).

Anyway, they don’t even open in the evenings and weekends, even though they’re all paid over £100k per year. It says so in the papers all the time so it must be true.

Why do these young doctors all work part time anyway? Probably because they’re all paid so much. Anyway, all they ever do is spend their time tapping away at the computer keyboard. That’s because they’re scared of getting sued and won’t get paid if they don’t tick all the boxes.

And even if you do get an appointment you never see the same doctor twice. Not like in the old days, your doctor was always there and had plenty of time to talk to you.

The last time I phoned up for an appointment the receptionist had the cheek to ask me what was wrong. I told her that was for the doctor to decide and I wanted an appointment immediately. I had half a mind to post what I thought of them on that NHS Choices website. After all, they’d never know who said it.

I insisted on seeing my old doctor who’s been there for years and treated us through thick and thin.

Funny enough, it wasn’t long after, I phoned again and asked for another appointment. Receptionist said he’s retired now, went a bit early like most of the other GPs his age round here.

She said I’d have to see a locum or maybe the nurse could help me.

That set me thinking. Who was going to look after me now? All you ever see on the news these days is about the NHS missing targets here, there and everywhere. What’s more there’s no social care to look after you when you’re old.

Makes your blood boil. And why did it get to this I ask myself?

I blame the GPs. Useless, the lot of them.

Dr Andrew Walker is a retired GP in Norfolk