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EU doctors to leave because of flag-waving arseholes

60% of European GPs intend to leave the NHS due to flag-waving nationalist arseholes it has emerged.

The GMC has confirmed that more than a half of NHS doctors from the EU may decide to leave the UK because they’ve been told to f*ck off back to where they came from.

‘Since Brexit I’ve had a massive union jack flying outside my house,’ admits Britain-lover Colin, ‘and every morning I stand on my very British doorstep shouting “British jobs for British people” at anyone that walks past. I really can’t see how my patriotism could have offended our non-British cousins.’

We spoke with Guillaume a doctor from France: ‘I’ve lived and worked here in the UK for the past five years. Now I’m told I no longer have the right to live and work here. So I’ll just go and live and work somewhere else.’

‘And by the way,’ added Guillaume, ‘”J’habite dans une maison et j’ai un chat” is a completely rubbish sentence; so please stop saying it to me!’