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Eureka! Finally a solution for managing colds

A Winter Solstice Invention: Inspired by our brave colleagues on the front line of general practice; our comrades fighting the rhinovirus on a daily basis. We have created the ultimate, new, labour-saving device, to help you, lowly GPs, thrive.

A tool so simple it can ensure that, you can provide ‘outstanding’ and holistic patient care … every… single … time.

Something to guarantee that you can cope even when your temperature is higher than the person in front of you, and your laryngitis is more marked your patient with the ‘sore throat’ (who has somehow managed to talk loudly and clearly throughout their entire 10 minute appointment).

A tool so simple it can ensure that, you can provide ‘outstanding’ and holistic patient care … every… single … time.

You’ve been coughed on… snotted on … and said the same thing 14 times in a row,  but don’t despair, because we bring you the, all, new ‘Cold MANagement-Ultimate Prism’.

Use the net below to make your Cold Man-Up and you are ready. Nothing can stop you.   

Beginners, why not choose the most appropriate side to face your patient, and point at it repeatedly during the consultation. Intermediate users may wish to bang it on the table a few times to emphasize their point.

And if your patient still doesn’t get it, simply use the advanced setting and play catch with the Cold Man-Up until they’ve seen every bit of advice the prism has to offer.

The Cold Man-Up can be made out of any material, and therefore be used as a handy paperweight or doorstop – so you can throw away all those old copies of the BMJ and BJGP (we know you haven’t read them anyway).

pharmacy voice 660x330

pharmacy voice 660×330

Please remember to exclude ‘SEPSIS’ (or any other trendy condition of the moment) before applying your Cold Man-Up.

Also coming soon from Bayley enterprises:

The ‘Central Crushing Chest pain Sphere’ (simply reads ‘For goodness sake call a bloody ambulance’) and not forgetting the fully customizable ‘Heartsink Icosahedron’ (patent pending).

Dr Susie Bayley is a GP in Derby and chair of GP Survival. You can follow her on Twitter @susiebayley