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General practice searches for its balls

As the BMA announces that junior doctors are set to take five-day continuous strike action over the imposition of the contract by health secretary Jeremy Hunt, general practice asks ‘have you seen my balls?’

‘I’m not sure when I last had them,’ says a nervous general practice, ’I mean one minute I was dashing around, doing all the right things, working 14 hours a day and I was just about to run off to buy a new cardigan when I realised I’d lost them… my balls I mean.’

General practice has looked everywhere for them, down the back of the sofa, in the boot of the car, even in the spare drawer, but hasn’t been able to find them anywhere.

‘It would be really useful to have my balls back,’ says a teary general practice, ‘if you find them please let me know and I promise I’ll take much better care of them next time.’