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How to CEASE autism

Most patients suffering from conditions which we cannot yet treat effectively will be tempted at some stage to consider alternative medicine. Autism seems to be a prime example; parents are understandably desperate and many would try anything that promises a cure.

Dr Tinus Smits, a Dutch homeopath who died in 2010, claimed that autism was caused to 70% by vaccines, to 25% by toxic drugs and to 5% by “some diseases”1. According to Smits and his growing band of disciples, the cure of autism is therefore simple: we only need to identify the toxins, dilute them homeopathically and administer them to the patient. Next we require a good name for this fantastic approach. “Complete Elimination of Autistic Spectrum Expression” CEASE for short, sounds good.

For an effective marketing campaign, testimonials and advertising slogans like this one come in handy: “The CEASE approach to treating autism… stands out amongst many others for its clarity, simplicity , and perhaps most importantly, its focus on cause2. We do not need to exaggerate; after all, Dr Smits has successfully treated “over 300 cases of all levels of severity1.

Finally we would want a plausible explanation how the treatment works. What about this one?3

The patient with an autistic spectrum condition is not able to detoxify toxins, medicines, vaccinations, an unhealthy environment or bad food. The body is not able to nurture and protect itself in an effective way. The focus of treatment with an person with ASC is:
1. the gut
2. the brain
3 the detoxification system/the toxins
4. the immune system.


Now, I think we are in business – except that it is difficult to earn a decent living merely on autism-patients. So perhaps CEASE therapy helps other patients as well? Sure it does!4

Dr. Smits and those that he trained have experienced success treating a number of conditions including MS, Chronic Fatigue, allergies, ear infections, hyperactivity, and detoxification.


What? You want some evidence for these claims? Are 300 happy customers not enough? You really insist?

In this case, we have to tell you that, even though the remedies themselves are so dilute that they contain nothing, CEASE therapy is holistic, works with subtle energies and is highly individualized. Therefore, this approach cannot possibly be squeezed into the strait-jacket of reductionist science. Clinical trials are quite simply out of the question. And anyway, science cannot tell us everything, you know!

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