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Patients have no intention of giving GPs Valentine’s day cards

Patients have absolutely no intention of ever giving their GP a Valentine’s day card it has emerged.

Earlier in the week the Medical Protection Society warned GPs against accepting cards on Valentine’s day but according to Professor Candid the idea that patients are going to rush out and buy their favourite GP some flowers has absolutely no grounding in reality.

‘I’m not sure why the medico-legal advisers even bothered with this one,’ says Prof, ‘Most patients couldn’t give a toss about their GP and besides a typical GP is in their mid-50s, their breath smells of yesterday’s coffee and they look like they’ve spent half their lives trapped inside a basement. It’s not exactly conducive to romance. And to be honest they’re all too knackered for a bit of hanky-panky anyway.’

‘Unless GPs take off their cardigans, start flossing and sex themselves up a bit,’ says Prof, ‘then this is one piece of legal advice that can definitely go straight in the bin.’