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Rethink universal approach to NHS Health Checks, urges Public Health England adviser

Professor Nick Wareham

 A leading Public Health England advisor has called for a major rethink of the universal NHS Health Checks programme - claiming that a more targeted approach may be more cost-effective.

Professor Nick Wareham - director of the MRC epidemiology unit - told Pulse the current programme – which involves inviting everyone aged 40–75 for screening of cardiovascular and other risk factors – may not the best use of resources.

Instead, he urged public health leaders to target those at high-risk individuals as the evidence suggested this was likely be cost-effective.

Public Health England recently announced a commitment to rolling the scheme out further and finding ways to improve its implementation.

But the programme has been beset by problems – most recently evaluations showing uptake and coverage is falling well behind projected rates– and another casting doubt on the suitability of the screen for picking up diabetes.

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