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Sex with patients – not on my watch

Ah, now the Government’s plans to abolish practice boundaries start to make sense. Because, clearly it’s talking not about geographical boundaries, but physical/ethical ones. And such a change would demonstrate that the Department of Health is completely in tune with at least half of the profession. The half which, according to a Pulse survey, have just decided it’s OK to have sex with patients.

And there was me thinking the only time doctors are allowed to get on their knees with patients is when they’re praying.

Look, hold on people, I don’t want to appear out of touch, repressed, or a party-pooper. But there are simply so many reasons why it’s a bad idea to poke the punters*. Such as:

                - There just isn’t time in a ten minute consultation

                - It’ll confuse the chaperone

                - They’ll be wanting it on home visits next

                - It’ll become a new QOF target

                - It’ll give a whole new meaning to the patient satisfaction survey

                - I just don’t fancy any of my patients, to be honest, they’re minging.   

Anyway, what I really want to know is, what do vets think?

* or whatever the female equivalent is. This is an equal opportunities column.