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The all new revalidation kit

Bored with revalidation? Find yourself writing the same old things year after year after year? Stressed out at the thought of a 360 degree feedback? Then look no further.

Our revalidation kit, designed by professionals for professionals, gives you everything you could need.

For just one easy payment you get glowing multi-source feedback forms, enough positive patient satisfaction questionnaires to satisfy the most stringent of appraisers and even a made up audit. Yes that’s right! A made up audit! One you don’t have to spend time making up yourself!

Here are just some of the testimonials.

Derek M, a GP partner says: ‘Every year, as my appraisal date grew closer, I would feel myself getting more and more tense. I knew I would have to spend at least a week making up heaps of incredulous lies about myself and the thought of it really did interfere with my sex life. But then I discovered the revalidation kit. In one year I’ve gone from looking like a burnt out GP to Doogie Howser MD. It really has transformed my life.’

Angela F, a salaried GP says: ‘I love the new kit, it’s simple, practical and effortless. When I first sent in my forged documents I felt like a naughty school girl but revalidation is such a pointless exercise anyway that I soon realised I was better off spending my time doing other pointless things. Like looking after my patients! D’urr!’

If you pre-order the kit today you will get a state of the art synthesiser which turns ordinary human sentences into GMC approved bull sh*t!

The revalidation kit is not available on the high street and neither is it subject to copyright.