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Welcome to the new recruits

As a new group of trainees enters the workforce, so a new group of trainee bloggers will post about their experiences.

Over the next few weeks watch out for the first blogs from:

Kimberley Bruce, an ST3 in Bristol. Her hobbies include running, cycling, book cub.

Tim Cassford, an ST1 in Chichester. Up until the age of 14, Tim’s shoe size was the same as his age, which was bad news in the days before internet shopping.

Alex Thomson-Moore, an ST2 in the Severn Deanery. She is a quarter Danish, a quarter Kiwi, half English and brought up in Ireland.

Laura O’Laughlin, an ST1 who lives in Cheltenham and works in Gloucestershire. She blogged for the last class of GPs to Be and her posts can be found here.