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Debate: Was it the right decision to remove Covid restrictions?

Two GPs share their views on whether Covid restrictions should

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Could GPs do more to see patients in person?

Yes Face-to-face consultations are still the gold standard Dr Irfan

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Was the second dose policy change justified?

YES Data increasingly appear to support the UK’s approach With

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Debate: Do practices have a duty to support locums during the pandemic?

Two GPs share their perspectives on practices' duty to support locums during this period 

Should remote consulting remain the default option post-Covid 19?

Two GPs debate on whether remote consultation is convenient, or whether it will ramp up demand on GPs

Should retired GPs return to work in the coronavirus crisis?

Two GPs debate on the plans for retired GPs to help handle the Covid-19 outbreak

Should GPs stop doing home visits?

Dr Ellie Cannon and Dr Charlotte Alexander go head-to-head, as GP leaders at the England LMCs conference vote for a motion for home visits to be removed from core GP contract work

Should NICE lower blood pressure thresholds for hypertension?

Dr John Ashcroft and Dr David Spitzer debate

Should GPs work with the pharma industry?

Two GPs debate a thorny issue