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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

What GPs need to know about Covid-19 and mental health

Our resources page on Covid-19 and mental health has a series of guides for you to explore, giving you a wealth of information to support your practice.

Vaccinating the severely mentally ill

This page contains advice and information for GPs about vaccinating people with severe mental illness, encouraging a flexible approach to defining SMI.

Learning disability: Easy-read guides for patients, face mask exemption cards, and resources for carers

This guide brings together accessible resources from different organisations specifically designed to support people with learning difficulties during the pandemic, which GPs can signpost.

Early intervention for children, young people and families struggling to cope with the impact of coronavirus

Drawing on information from PHE and Barnardo’s, this guide is aimed at GPs caring for vulnerable families during Covid. It details the government-funded initiative, the See Hear and Respond Service, and provides resources for GPs to signpost.

Wellbeing resources for children

This page lists digital resources specifically designed to support primary school-aged children with their mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic, which GPs can call on and signpost.

Wellbeing resources and support for students

This guide can support GPs to provide online, phone and email support for students attempting to navigate the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

QCovid Risk Calculator

An up-to-date guide for GPs on the QCovid score, which uses factors like age, sex, ethnicity and existing medical conditions to predict risk of death or hospitalisation from Covid-19.

The Black and Asian family Covid-19 Helpline

A summary of information on Bolo: the Barnardo’s Covid-19 helpline and webchat for children and young people aged 11 and over.

Psychological responses to disasters

Sourced from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), this important information provides guidance on the natural course of community recovery, and signs of compassion fatigue.

Domestic abuse

A go-to guide for GPs supporting patients who are escaping domestic abuse, including household isolation and seeking help.

How important is the role of sleep in immune function and should this influence prescribing for patients in high-risk groups?

This page summarises advice from a consultant psychiatrist in behavioural sleep medicine, in the context of Covid-19.

How can we best manage insomnia during the pandemic?

A go-to resource with advice from a consultant psychiatrist in behavioural sleep medicine on supporting patients with sleep problems during the pandemic.

Online resources to support recovery from Covid-19

This page gives information and signposts resources for GPs and patients on physical and emotional recovery from Covid-19 infection.

Wellbeing resource packs for parents in multiple languages

In this guide, you’ll find a summary of and links to advice and resources for parents and carers, which has been developed to help them support children with worries and concerns about Covid. They are available in 17 languages.


On this page, you’ll find a list of useful resources for GPs and patients, and others who are supporting people bereaved by Covid-19.

Prescribing for high-risk patients with insomnia or depression during the pandemic

Advice from an expert pharmacist on whether and how to prescribe for patients with depression and who are struggling to sleep in the context of Covid-19.

Is low mood a common symptom in the acute and recovery phase of Covid-19 infection?

This short guide answers the question, with an update on emerging evidence from a consultant neuropsychiatrist.

How should GPs manage post-Covid depression and chronic fatigue?

Brief advice from a consultant neuropsychiatrist on helping patients with fatigue and depression during their recovery from Covid-19.

How long should we expect low mood symptoms to last for after Covid-19?

A consultant neuropsychiatrist provides information for GPs on post-Covid low mood.

Alcohol dependence – harm reduction in homeless populations

On this page, you’ll find simple guidance on determining baseline alcohol intake and brief advice on safe reduction, sourced from the Homeless Drug and Alcohol Service (HDAS) and Dr Dana Beale.

Opioid dependence – management in homeless populations

This information is sourced from the Homeless Drug and Alcohol Service (HDAS) and Dr Dana Beale, and offers guidance on symptomatic relief of opiate withdrawal.

Domestic abuse

A go-to guide for GPs supporting patients who are escaping domestic abuse, including household isolation and seeking help.

Parenting advice for families under pressure

Sourced from South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, the information on this page can help parents managing challenging behaviour and difficult emotions during the pandemic. There are links to several other resources for GPs to access.

Activities to do at home to support young people’s mental health

This guide contains information developed by CAMHS experts, providing resources and activities for children in four different age groups to boost their mental health and wellbeing.

Clozapine guidance for patients with Covid-19

Here you’ll find information sourced from the Specialist Pharmacy Service on how symptoms of Covid-19 can mimic clozapine-related adverse drug effects.

ADHD medications during the Covid-19 pandemic

On this page, you’ll find information sourced form the European ADHD Guidelines Group. It provides expert guidance for GPs to encourage flexibility around monitoring to enable uninterrupted access to ADHD medications during the pandemic.

Perinatal mental health

Drawn from various sources, the advice on this page is aimed at supporting GPs to care for patients with their perinatal mental health.

Helping families manage challenging behaviour during the Covid-19 lockdown

This guide breaks down the approach to challenging behaviours among children into eight simple messages. The information is sourced from the Association of Child Mental Health (ACMH) and links to other resources that GPs can access and signpost to parents and carers.

When does anxiety about leaving the home become problematic for older adults?

This advice from a liaison psychiatrist specialising in older adults is for GPs who are concerned about anxiety in older adults.

How should I advise my elderly patient who has become anxious about leaving the house?

A simple guide for advising patients about leaving the house and social anxiety, sourced from a liaison psychiatrist specialising in older adults.

Psychotropic medication

This guide contains information sourced from the Royal College of Psychiatrists on considerations about withdrawing or changing medication during the pandemic.