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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

Other conditions

Third doses for immunosuppressed patients

Individuals aged 12 years and over with severe immunosuppression should receive a 3rd primary dose of Covid vaccination

HIV: Covid risks and vaccine advice

Covid risk and vaccine guidance for people living with HIV

Advice for smokers and vapers

Guidance and emerging evidence on risks of smoking, vaping and illness severity of Covid-19

Testing, Trials and Research
ACE Inhibitors and ARBs

Summary of relevant guidance and emerging evidence for primary care

Coagulation disorders and anticoagulation treatment

Updated vaccination guidance for individuals with clotting and bleeding disorders and those on anticoagulant therapy

Prescribing Vaccinations
Long term condition reviews

Tools to support remote assessments

Diabetes Respiratory Conditions
QCovid Risk Calculator

Additional people are now being added to the Shielded Patient List using the QCovid risk calculator

Diabetes Mental Health Socially Vulnerable Groups Staff Support Testing, Trials and Research
Guidance on steroid prescribing

There is still concern that steroids can increase the risk from Covid-19

Neurological conditions

Guidance on Covid-19 risk to people with neurological conditions, and specific therapies in MS

Isolation and Social Distancing Prescribing

Who should shield, and precautions for all patients with splenectomy during the pandemic

Categorising Risk Groups Isolation and Social Distancing
Recommendations for home blood pressure monitoring

Advising patients on how to monitor BP reliably


Prescribing during the pandemic

Brugada syndrome or Long QT syndrome

The care pathway is dependent on whether the patient has an ICD

Heart Failure

British Society for HF advice on shielding, and who to prioritise for review

Isolation and Social Distancing
How to convert to oral B12 for patients established on IM hydroxocobalamin

British Society for Haematology provide guidance on vitamin B12 replacement during the COVID-19 pandemic