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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources


Covid vaccinations in children

Evidence and guidance for Covid vaccinations in children

Children and Young People Testing, Trials and Research
Covid vaccine resources for patients

A list of resources including tools to aid discussions on risk:benefit including blood clotting risk

Immunosuppression and the Covid vaccine

Guidance on vaccination individual on immunosuppressive treatment

DMARDs and the Covid vaccine

Guidance for vaccinating individuals on treatment with DMARDs

Vaccinating the severely mentally ill

GPs are encouraged to apply a flexible approach to defining SMI

Mental Health Socially Vulnerable Groups
Corticosteroids and the Covid vaccine

Guidance on vaccination individuals undergoing steroid treatments

Chemotherapy and the Covid vaccine

Guide on vaccinating individuals undergoing chemotherapy

Covid vaccine and pre-existing allergies

Guidance on the Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca and Moderna Covid-19 vaccinations for people with pre-existing allergies

Covid 19 vaccination and drug interactions

Vaccinating patients on specific drug treatments


An updated summary of current guidance: most infections are spread through close contact

Infection Control Testing, Trials and Research
Conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding and vaccination

Pregnant women should be offered the vaccine along with their age or clinical risk group

Testing, Trials and Research Women's Health
Coagulation disorders and anticoagulation treatment

Updated vaccination guidance for individuals with clotting and bleeding disorders and those on anticoagulant therapy

Other conditions Prescribing
Post AstraZeneca vaccination headache

Consider a face-to-face appointment for patients with post-vaccination headache

Symptom Management Triage and Treatment
Adverse effects of Covid vaccines

The most frequently reported adverse effects to the different vaccines and when to report an adverse effect

Guidance on prescribing Covid vaccinations

Advice on prioritisation for the Covid-19 vaccine programme rollout and guidance on prescribing the vaccines