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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

Respiratory Conditions


Clinical criteria for severe COPD, medication reviews and rescue packs

Isolation and Social Distancing

Exacerbations, oral corticosteroid use, and interpreting oxygen saturations when unwell with Covid 19

Triage and Treatment
Diagnosing asthma

Structured clinical assessments, validated questionnaires and tools to support peak flow self measurements at home

Long term condition reviews

Tools to support remote assessments

Diabetes Other conditions
Pulse oximetry

Eligibility for home monitoring, desaturation testing, and the limitations of oximetry in some groups

Triage and Treatment
Differentiating viral Covid-19 pneumonia from bacterial pneumonia

It is difficult to determine whether pneumonia has a Covid 19 viral cause or a bacterial cause

Triage and Treatment
Rehabilitation after Covid-19 infection

A website developed to support patients and their families

Post-viral recovery
Asthma – managing exacerbations

Rescue packs, distinguishing asthma from Covid-19 and use of inhaled and oral steroids

Triage and Treatment
Managing breathlessness

Information for patients on post Covid breathlessness, GP guidelines from NICE and links to prescribing guidance for EOLC

End of life care Post-viral recovery Symptom Management
Post-Covid breathlessness Patient Support Line

The Post-Covid Hub has been set up by Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation

Post-viral recovery
Severe asthma

Defining severe asthma and how to review treatment in the context of Covid-19

Isolation and Social Distancing
Interstitial Lung Disease

Shielding, and specific issues if unwell with Covid 19

Isolation and Social Distancing Triage and Treatment