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NHS prescription drugs stamped with costs, elderly care debate and statins linked to aggression ‘in women’

News that NHS prescription drugs are to be stamped ‘funded by the taxpayer’ – and those costing over £20 will also have their actual price printed on the packaging – is everywhere this morning, including in The Telegraph.

The move was announced by health secretary Jeremy Hunt in a bid ‘to stop patients wasting £300m a year by not taking their medication’, the paper says.

Elsewhere Mr Hunt is calling for a ‘national debate’ on the care of elderly people, the Independent reports.

He says there is a need for a ‘national conversation’ about this compares with other countries ‘where multi-generational households are much more common’.

Lastly, statins have opposite affects on aggressive behaviour in men and women, leading to increased aggression in women but lower aggression in men, a study reported in the Daily Mail claims.

Lead author Professor Beatrice Golomb, from the University of California, said: ‘Either men or women can experience increased aggression on statins, but in men the typical effect is reduction.’




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