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Prime Minister and public ‘behind’ NHS in vaccine booster drive

prime minister

The Prime Minister has written to GPs and other NHS staff saying the Government and nation are ‘right behind them’.

Mr Johnson pledged to do ‘whatever it takes’ to deliver the support needed as GPs deliver the accelerated Covid booster programme.

In the letter sent to GPs this week and addressed to ‘the whole NHS’, seen by Pulse, the prime minister thanked NHS workers for their ‘incredible efforts’ throughout the pandemic.

He also recognised the ‘extraordinary strain’ Covid has placed on them over the last almost two years and that offering booster jabs to all eligible adults by the end of the year ‘will not be easy’.

He said: ‘I know that you are tired and weary. But you know how critical it is that we get Britain boosted, and fast.

‘For our part, I can assure you that this Government will do whatever it takes to give you the support you need and that the whole nation is right behind you, willing you to succeed.’

It comes as health secretary Sajid Javid wrote to thank primary care teams specifically earlier this month.

Mr Javid’s letter said: ‘Primary care teams are at the heart of our nation’s pandemic response and I am grateful for the tremendous efforts primary care has made over the past year to deliver a world-leading vaccination programme under the strains and pressures of a global pandemic.’

It added: ‘I want to personally thank all the staff in primary care for the way you have stepped up to this enormous challenge to protect our nation. 

‘You have worked tirelessly to vaccinate our most vulnerable, including those in care homes, whilst maintaining essential services for patients that need your care.’

The health secretary also acknowledged the ‘significant challenge’ of delivering an expanded vaccination programme over the Christmas period but said he is ‘confident’ the NHS will succeed.

Meanwhile, the BMA has said that it hopes the temporary GP contract changes brought in to free up capacity for delivery of Covid booster jabs will enable practices to ‘consider’ how they can support the programme.

The latest GP Committee bulletin said: ‘Given the announcement on QOF and IIF, we hope practices will be able to consider how they could support the national vaccination effort while continuing to clinically prioritise patients who need them. 

‘We recognise the significant unprecedented challenges you are all facing at present and know that you will do your best in the days and weeks to come, as you have been doing these past 20 months.’

Last week, NHS England revealed further details on the part-suspension and income protection of QOF and the PCN incentive scheme until April.

Earlier this week, it asked PCNs that are not signed up to give Covid booster jabs to the under-50s to ‘urgently reconsider’ their participation.

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Kevlar Cardie 21 December, 2021 1:40 pm

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