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CCG facing next three years in deficit

A CCG will spend the next three years in financial deficit under a financial recovery plan currently being negotiated with NHS England which should bring it back into the black by 2017/18.

NHS Surrey Downs CCG reported it will post a £10.7m deficit for the end of the 2014/15 financial year, despite a £0.8m underspend on primary care services due to GPs’ success in cutting prescribing.

The CCG’s financial report states the major costs were a £13.3m overspend on acute care, and an unbudgeted ‘resource allocation transfer’ of £4.7m to NHS England.

The Epsom Local Guardian reported that at the board meeting chief finance officer Matthew Wright said: ‘It doesn’t look like we will be expected to recover this deficit.

‘We will need to get back to a recurring balance rather than recover the deficit incurred.’

Earlier this year, Pulse reported that a third of CCG finance leads were concerned about balancing their budgets in 2015/16