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Pension reforms causing ‘resentment’ among Conservative-supporting GPs

Controversial reforms to GPs’ pensions and the wider NHS are turning some Tory medics against the Government, the chair of the Conservative Health Society has admitted.

Dr Paul Charlson, a GP in Cumbria, said there was ‘resentment’ among active Conservative supporters about the pensions reforms.

‘There’s a realisation that we are going to get changes to our pensions and the country needs to realign what we can and can’t afford,’ he said.

‘But there is a general feeling that this was all sorted not so long ago and that the current pension is fair compared with other civil servants. So there is a bit of resentment there.’

Dr Charlson added that support for the Government was dwindling.

‘There are people who don’t agree with the NHS reforms in Conservative Health. I think they are a good idea personally. There’s less support for the government since the reforms and the pensions issue, but you’d expect that really,’ he said.

Dr Charlson said that there was a need for the profession to remain united.

‘This is a bit of a showdown really. Which is I guess why we have to show solidarity as a profession and do what we have to do. But I don’t agree with striking.’