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Just one drink a day raises cancer risk, British school kids among unhappiest in the world and intelligent people more manic

Women who consume just one alcoholic drink a day, including just one small glass of wine, raise their risk of developing breast cancer, reports the Daily Mail.

Scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health found that women who drank every day had a 4% higher cancer risk overall, with breast cancer carrying the highest risk followed by cancers of the liver, bowel, throat, mouth, oesophagus and larynx, writes the newspaper.

The mental wellbeing of British children is among the worst in the world, found another study.

The study by the Children’s Society together with the University of York surveyed school children in 15 nations around the world, finding British youngsters fare worse than those in 11 other countries including Ethiopia and Algeria, the Guardian writes.

Apparently, widespread bullying lies behind the depressing result, with the results described as ‘deeply worrying’.

Lastly, the Telegraph reports that childen with high IQ are more likely to develop bipolar disorder later in life.

Comparing people in the top and bottom 10% for manic traits, research found those in the top 10% had 10 points higher childhood IQ.

The University of Glasgow study measured IQ in a large group of eight-year-olds and then followed them up with tests for manic traits when they were aged 22-23.


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