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Scientists step closer to universal flu vaccine, cancer cells ‘reprogrammed’ and the anti-ageing pills making you look older

Scientists have created a vaccine that works against more than one strain of influenza, boosting hopes for a ‘universal’ flu jab, reports the Independent. As it stands, scientists develop each year’s flu vaccine based on the strain that is predicted to be most dominant over the winter period. But, as happened last winter, this prediction is not always correct.

The US researchers said the ‘breakthrough’ vaccine may even protect against the H5N1 ‘bird flu’ virus, after promising tests involving ferrets.

Another potential medical breakthrough is reported in the Telegraph, after another set of clever scientists said they had managed to ‘reprogramme’ cancer cells back to normal.

The process, as yet only successfully carried out on lab cancer tissue, reduced the aggressive multiplying of cells that is the cancer process aggressive lung, breast and bladder cancer cells for the first time.

The researchers from the Mayo Clinic in Florida said the process was like ‘applying the brakes to a speeding car’.

And, lastly, the Daily Mail warns of anti-ageing pills making us look older, as research suggested vitamin C and E supplements weren’t as good for the skin as stated.

A study claimed this was because free radicals, which these vitamins protect against, were actually good for the skin up until the age of 50. Younger women, said the article, may actually make their skin age faster instead by slapping on the creams and taking the pills.


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