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23. Dr Margaret McCartney

UP 27

Dr Margaret McCartney has leapt up the charts this year following the release of her debut book, The Patient Paradox. While she says publishing it felt ‘like stepping off a cliff', she has gained fans throughout the profession.

Our panel praised the book as ‘a major tome' and said the Glasgow GP's writing was both patient-centred and evidence-based.

In her own blogs and her regular columns for Pulse, Dr McCartney targets the areas of general practice and public health where the evidence base is lacking. From flu vaccinations to vitamin D supplements, her eye for detail and straight-talking style have earned her much respect – and a large Twitter following.

Despite the many plaudits, Dr McCartney remains modest about her writing.

‘Any doctor could do what I do,' she insists. ‘It's not unique. All it requires is to take a step back, look at the evidence and know how to explain it to patients.'

Dr McCartney is currently writing her second book, which is due out next year.

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