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Migrants concerned only with saving their lives, will destroy the NHS

Thousands of self-centred migrants who are only concerned with saving their own lives will destroy the NHS, claim experts.

The influx of desperately needy migrants fleeing war, famine, disease, IS, ISIS, Daesh, the group formerly known as Daesh, snipers, chemical weapons, barrel bombs, riptides, right-wingers, poisonous snakes and the perversions of an uncaring, oil-motivated geopolitical land-grab will destroy our perfect NHS.

We spoke to a man purple with rage: ’We’ve just managed to create the perfect health service here in the UK and then this lot go and ruin it. Perfection should be reserved for UK tax payers only. And when I say perfect health service I mean valium, gabas and mirtrazapine.’

And yes he did actually say mirtrazapine. 

Dr Kevin Hinkley is a GP in Edinburgh