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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

Children and Young People

Clinical trial looking to enrol children and young people Testing, Trials and Research

University of Oxford study measuring antibody levels in children age 0-19 across the UK

Evidence on Covid in children Testing, Trials and Research

An updated summary on infection rates, common presentations and transmission

Communicating with children about Covid-19 Staff Support

A guide for key worker parents and carers when talking to children

Management and guidance for febrile children Testing, Trials and Research Triage and Treatment

How to approach possible Covid-19 infection in children and guidance on school attendance

Early intervention for children, young people and families struggling to cope with the impact of coronavirus Mental Health Socially Vulnerable Groups

The See Hear and Respond Service: A government funded initiative to support vulnerable families

11 primary care pathways for remotely assessing children

Developed with paediatricians specifically for remote assessment and safety netting

Wellbeing resource packs for parents in multiple languages Mental Health

Translations of high quality advice and resources compiled by child psychologists in one place

Wellbeing resources for children Mental Health

Digital resources specifically designed to support primary school aged children during the pandemic

Tonsillar examination

The RCPCH continues to recommend that children’s throats should only be examined if essential

Parenting advice for families under pressure Mental Health

Resources for parents on managing challenging behaviours and negative emotions

Activities to do at home to support young people’s mental health Mental Health

Resources developed by CAMHS experts for different age groups

ADHD medications during the COVID-19 outbreak Mental Health Prescribing

Expert guidance encourages flexibility around monitoring to enable continued access to ADHD medications