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Practice dilemma: New salaried GP

You are about to employ a salaried GP. What checks should you do before they start? Our legal expert advises.

In the past employers have not tended to carry out checks to verify the experience and qualifications of potential recruits, but many are becoming more and more vigilant as competition for jobs increases and candidates may be tempted to elaborate their skills or experience.

You take some reasonable steps to satisfy yourself that the information which you have been given is correct. In particular, consider what evidence you could request to support experience, and ensure you obtain viable references - perhaps from more than just their last employer if possible. You can also easily verify qualifications by asking them to provide evidence of this.

It is also recommended that you make any offers of employment conditional upon you receiving the information you want to see, which aside from the above, should also include evidence of the right to work in the UK, CRB check, and any medical checks you need to carry out. This way, if you do not get satisfactory evidence to verify their skills, qualifications or experience, or anything else that the offer is conditional upon then you can withdraw.

Alison Graham is a healthcare employment lawyer at Veale Wasbrough Vizards



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