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Global sum uplift is a bit of a disappointment

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I get that there is plenty of funding being put into general practice in England.

We have the indemnity scheme funding. The payments to practices just to join a network. The money for networks that will hopefully trickle down to practices. Increases in payments for immunisations and QOF. Funding for new staff.

All these are no doubt welcome. But now that the increase in global sum has been revealed as 92p per patient, I would not blame GPs for feeling a little deflated right now.

This includes money to help you deal with subject access requests and to allow NHS 111 to directly book appointments into your schedule.

I would not blame GPs for feeling a little deflated right now


And don’t forget – it also includes redistributed money from the gradual abolition of MPIG and seniority payments.

I still believe the new contract is a decent one. But doubts still remain about how it will help GPs in the immediate term.

This funding uplift just intensifies these doubts.

Jaimie Kaffash is Editor of Pulse. You can follow him on Twitter @jkaffash