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#GPnews: NHS negligence payouts topped £1.08bn last year

16:45 The NHS Resolution bill for damages in 2016/17 reached £1.08bn, an increase of £132m from the year befiore.

However the total amounts of NHS payouts would be higher, as NHS Resolution figures do not cover claims against GPs.

NHS Resolution said the increase to its costs came despite a fall in the number of new clinical negligence claims of 2.5% to 10,686.

It said this was in part due to the fact some of the payments represented claims made in previous years, but added that the amount paid out to claimants’ lawyers for clinical claims has continued to increase.

11:35 Dr Sarah Wollaston has been reappointed in the role as chair of the House of Commons health committee following the general election.

Despite being a Tory herself, the former GP has a track record of being critical of Government health policy, including where this affects the GP profession.

We interviewed her a few months ago – click here to read what she said about funding general practice and solving the recruitment crisis.

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09:50 A major study into people’s walking habits around the world has concluded that people in Hong Kong take the largest number of steps each day (averaging 6,880), while people in Indonesia walked the least (3,513).

The UK scored somewhere in the middle, with an average step count of 5,444, reports the BBC.

However the researchers, from Standford University, also made a surprising discovery on obesity, finding that the countries with the lowest levels had the smallest ‘inequality’ in physical acitivity, between men and women, rich and poor.

Tim Althoff, one of the researchers, said: ‘For instance, Sweden had one of the smallest gaps between activity rich and activity poor… it also had one of the lowest rates of obesity.’