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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources


Symptoms and Signs

Emerging evidence on symptoms and signs of Covid-19, and formal case definition from PHE

Covid vaccinations in children

Children age 12 and over who live with immunosuppressed people and young people age 16 and over are now eligible for vaccination

All Covid-19 Resources
Second dose vaccinations

Guidelines on location and timing of second doses and when to use an alternative vaccine to the first dose

Safety netting

Leaflets and videos to share with patients, and a reminder of safety netting guidance for GPs

Vaccine effectiveness and immunosuppression

No clear agreement on vaccine effectiveness in immunosuppressed groups

Clinically extremely vulnerable groups

New PHE guidance for CEV patients offers no support when restrictions end


Exacerbations, oral corticosteroid use, and interpreting oxygen saturations when unwell with Covid 19


Clinical criteria for severe COPD, medication reviews and rescue packs

PPE for primary care

Updated guidance for healthcare workers; modifications to mask wearing can substantially reduce Covid-19 exposure

Self-isolation for cases and contacts

A summary of guidance and updates from Public Health England

Evidence on Covid in children

An updated summary on infection rates, common presentations and transmission

Management and guidance for febrile children

How to approach possible Covid-19 infection in children and guidance on school attendance

Tonsillar examination

The RCPCH continues to recommend that children’s throats should only be examined if essential

Wellbeing resources for children

Digital resources specifically designed to support primary school aged children during the pandemic

Diagnosing asthma

Structured clinical assessments, validated questionnaires and tools to support peak flow self measurements at home

Advice for smokers and vapers

Guidance and emerging evidence on risks of smoking, vaping and illness severity of Covid-19

Chronic Kidney Disease

Maximising the safety of adults with chronic kidney disease during the pandemic

Diabetes reviews

How to approach diabetes reviews and tools to support remote collection of data

BMA Counselling and peer support for doctors

BMA confidential 24/7 counselling and peer support services open to all doctors and medical students

ACE Inhibitors and ARBs

Summary of relevant guidance and emerging evidence for primary care

Covid-19 risk for patients with diabetes

Current evidence on Covid-19 related mortality in Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes

Treatment with budesonide for acute Covid-19 infection

Inclusion and exclusion criteria and how to prescribe

Vaccinating the severely mentally ill

GPs are encouraged to apply a flexible approach to defining SMI

Covid 19 vaccination and drug interactions

Vaccinating patients on specific drug treatments


An updated summary of current guidance: most infections are spread through close contact

Coagulation disorders and anticoagulation treatment

Updated vaccination guidance for individuals with clotting and bleeding disorders and those on anticoagulant therapy

Clinical trial looking to enrol children and young people

University of Oxford study measuring antibody levels in children age 0-19 across the UK

Long term condition reviews

Tools to support remote assessments

Guidance on prescribing Covid vaccinations

Advice on prioritisation for the Covid-19 vaccine programme rollout and guidance on prescribing the vaccines

Risk assessments for staff

Current guidance for employers and tools to help you quantify your risk

QCovid Risk Calculator

Additional people are now being added to the Shielded Patient List using the QCovid risk calculator

Risks of Covid-19 in pregnancy

Guidance has been updated as evidence emerges

Advice in other languages

Patient leaflets on Isolation and Shielding

London wide oxygen saturation probe loan service

Rapid pulse oximeter delivery service now running 7 days a week

Advice on wearing PPE for the public

Revised UK and WHO guidance: education on proper use is critical

Differentiating viral Covid-19 pneumonia from bacterial pneumonia

It is difficult to determine whether pneumonia has a Covid 19 viral cause or a bacterial cause

Patient adherence to mask wearing

Guidance for when patients decline to wear masks


Updated FSRH guidance during the third Covid-19 lockdown

Communicating with children about Covid-19

A guide for key worker parents and carers when talking to children

Emotional support services for NHS Staff

Counselling and support services for different groups

Vitamin D

Further evidence is needed to assess whether vitamin D deficiency affects the severity of SARS-CoV-2 infection

Guidance on steroid prescribing

There is still concern that steroids can increase the risk from Covid-19

Doctors long Covid support group

For doctors who have or feel they might have long Covid

Psychological responses to disasters

Guidance on the natural course of community recovery, and signs of compassion fatigue

Free access to wellbeing apps for all NHS staff

Evidence based apps to support mental well-being, improve sleep and help manage anxiety

11 primary care pathways for remotely assessing children

Developed with paediatricians specifically for remote assessment and safety netting

Loneliness in older people during the pandemic

Telephone befriending is available for people age 60 and over

How can we best manage insomnia during the pandemic?

Advice from a Consultant Psychiatrist in Behavioural Sleep Medicine

How should we approach common childhood illnesses in the context of Covid-19?

Advice from a Paediatric infectious diseases consultant

Face Covering Exemptions

Criteria, cards and badges

Wellbeing resource packs for parents in multiple languages

Translations of high quality advice and resources compiled by child psychologists in one place

What do I need to know about skin manifestations of Covid-19?

Advice from a Consultant Dermatologist at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases

Covid Cab Service

Transport for patients with Covid symptoms to and from medical appointments in London

Neurological conditions

Guidance on Covid-19 risk to people with neurological conditions, and specific therapies in MS

Isolation notes

Available online for cases and contacts

Asthma – managing exacerbations

Rescue packs, distinguishing asthma from Covid-19 and use of inhaled and oral steroids

When does anxiety about leaving the home become problematic for older adults?

Advice from a Liaison Psychiatrist specialising in Older Adults

Alcohol dependence – harm reduction in homeless populations

Simple guidance on determining baseline alcohol intake and brief guidance on safe reduction

How should I advise my elderly patient who has become anxious about leaving the house?

Advice from a Liaison Psychiatrist specialising in Older Adults

Opioid dependence – management in homeless populations

Guidance on symptomatic relief of opiate withdrawal

How should I write a support letter for housing during the pandemic?

Advice from a specialist GP in homeless healthcare


Who should shield, and precautions for all patients with splenectomy during the pandemic

Parenting advice for families under pressure

Resources for parents on managing challenging behaviours and negative emotions

Guidance on personal risk for doctors during the Covid pandemic

Recognising professional and personal limits, and how to access guidance and support

Covid-19 is a notifiable disease

GPs need to notify the local health protection team of suspected cases

Abnormal uterine bleeding

RCOG guidance for the management of abnormal uterine bleeding in the evolving Covid-19 pandemic

Activities to do at home to support young people’s mental health

Resources developed by CAMHS experts for different age groups

Recommendations for home blood pressure monitoring

Advising patients on how to monitor BP reliably

ADHD medications during the COVID-19 outbreak

Expert guidance encourages flexibility around monitoring to enable continued access to ADHD medications


Prescribing during the pandemic

Heart Failure

British Society for HF advice on shielding, and who to prioritise for review

Hand Hygiene

British Association of Dermatologists advice on hand care and PPE related dermatitis

Perinatal mental health

RCPsych advice for clinicians

How to convert to oral B12 for patients established on IM hydroxocobalamin

British Society for Haematology provide guidance on vitamin B12 replacement during the COVID-19 pandemic

PPE shortages and crowdfunding

If you cannot obtain PPE through official channels, you may want to request this from volunteers

Helping families manage challenging behaviour during the Covid-19 lockdown

Experts provide guidance for GPs and for families

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

There is a lack of agreement regarding whether CPR is an aerosol generating procedure


Women can temporarily access medical abortion care from home up to 10 weeks gestation

Key workers can now self refer for a Covid-19 test

Details of home and regional testing for key workers and their households, and when best to take the test

Patients who have been missed or incorrectly identified through shielding searches

Specific groups who may have been miscoded by the clinical algorithm

Psychotropic medication

Careful consideration should be given to whether now is the best the time to withdraw or change patients from medication

Severe asthma

Defining severe asthma and how to review treatment in the context of Covid-19

Defining clinical risk groups

Separating extremely vulnerable groups from those at increased risk

Practitioner Health Wellbeing Support

Our NHS People have introduced a confidential staff support line


Venues are being sourced to cohort Covid positive and Covid negative people safely

NHS Volunteer Responders

NHS Volunteer Responders have been mobilised to help support vulnerable individuals who are self-isolating

Putting on PPE – Donning

Put on your PPE before you enter the room where the patient is

Taking off PPE – Doffing

Doffing carefully is key to minimising self-contamination

Interstitial Lung Disease

Specific issues if unwell with Covid 19