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NHS Confederation view: PCNs’ remit has grown and they need support

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the huge value of PCNs has

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Why the GP Forward View remains flawed five years on

This month marks five years since the GP Forward View

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‘Death threats were flying around after we stopped hydroxychloroquine trials’

Eleanor Philpotts talks to Professor Chris Butler, GP and lead

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‘This vaccine could help achieve herd immunity’

The R0 for Covid-19 is probably of the order of

Book review: How to Grow a Grown Up

Dr Lucy Henshall reviews How to Grow a Grown Up by Dr Dominique Thompson and Fabienne Vailes

The human faces of Covid-19

Dr Rajivi Sanjeevi 

‘GPs were given no notice of this dramatic expansion of the flu scheme’

GPs' reactions to the news that this year's flu vaccination will see significant expansion

New NICE indicators are interesting because they are likely to make it into QOF

Swindon GP and QOF expert Dr Gavin Jamie has analysed NICE's new proposals on vaccinations, obesity and cancer

The coronavirus diaries: A GP’s perspective

Dr Liz Day has been keeping a diary of her time as a GP during the pandemic. Here are a few excerpts