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Covid-19 Primary Care Resources

What GPs need to know about recovery after Covid-19 infection

Our resources page on recovery after Covid-19 infection has a series of guides for you to explore, giving you a wealth of information to support your practice.

Managing breathlessness

This guide links to GP guidelines from NICE and to prescribing guidance for EOLC. It also provides resources that GPs can signpost, like information for patients about post-Covid breathlessness.

Managing cough

A collection of information for patients on managing cough, as well as an at-a-glance summary of GP guidelines from NICE.

Online resources to support recovery from Covid-19

This page gives information and signposts resources for GPs and patients on physical and emotional recovery from Covid-19 infection.

Is low mood a common symptom in the acute and recovery phase of Covid-19 infection?

This short guide answers the question, with an update on emerging evidence from a consultant neuropsychiatrist.

How should GPs manage post-Covid depression and chronic fatigue?

Brief advice from a consultant neuropsychiatrist on helping patients with fatigue and depression during their recovery from Covid-19.

How long should we expect low mood symptoms to last for after Covid-19?

A consultant neuropsychiatrist provides information for GPs on post-Covid low mood.

Should GPs have a different approach to assessing headaches during the pandemic?

A guide from a GP with specialist interest in headache and migraine, giving a summary of advice for GPs to best support patients.

Chronic kidney disease

On this page is a summary of the NICE Covid-19 rapid guideline on chronic kidney disease, with information on shielding, medication, review and referral.

Management of long Covid in primary care

This page contains a summary of current guidelines on symptoms, criteria for diagnosis and an approach to management for patients with long Covid.

Doctors’ long Covid support group

This guide, sourced from Dr Clare Gerada, is a quick-glance resource for doctors who have or feel they might have long Covid, with links to external information.

How can we advise patients who have difficulty thinking clearly to approach their recovery?

Top-line advice from a consultant neurologist on supporting patients who report ‘brain fog’ after having Covid infection.

How should GPs approach patients reporting neurological symptoms after mild Covid infection?

On this page, you’ll find a consultant neurologist’s advice for GPs on how to manage patients with post-Covid neurological symptoms, and who should be referred to secondary care.

Returning to sports training post Covid

Sourced from the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine, this guidance will help GPs to advise athlete patients about going back to exercising and training after recovering from mild or moderate symptoms.


This page provides comprehensive and brief resources on post-viral fatigue and the boom-and-bust cycle. It is sourced from and links to several NHS Trusts and the Royal College of Occupational Therapists.

Rehabilitation after Covid-19 infection

Here, you’ll find brief information about a website developed by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, aimed at supporting patients and their families following infection with Covid-19.

How long will anosmia and loss of taste last after Covid-19 infection?

An at-a-glance resource to help GPs advise patients about loss of smell and taste following recovery form Covid-19.

Post-Covid breathlessness Patient Support Line

This resource, developed by the Post-Covid Hub that was set up by Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, can support patients who are struggling with breathlessness after Covid.

How long should we expect patients to have cough for after Covid-19 infection?

A brief Q&A from the UCLH respiratory team, advising on post-Covid cough.

How long after infection with Covid-19 do you think there is an increased risk of VTE?

Advice from the UCLH respiratory team advice about ongoing blood clot risk.

When should we refer patients with ongoing breathlessness post Covid-19?

A resource to help GPs determine when patients with prolonged post-Covid breathlessness should be referred onwards.