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Working Life

Working life: Back in play at Wimbledon

St John Ambulance volunteer Dr James Thambyrajah on his expectations

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Working life: Island-bound

Dr Alison Ambrose splits her GP workload between a remote

Working Life: Mentoring primary care workers in rural Nepal

Dr Helen Wehner on working as a GP mentor in

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PCN profile: The network forged by the pressure of Covid

Dr Partha Ganguli, clinical director (CD) in Preston, Lancashire, describes

Working life: Up the garden path

Dr Richard Claxton uses his GP knowledge to design gardens

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Working Life: The 100-mile vaccine trips

Dr Rose Singleton on administering the Covid vaccine to the

Working life: A pillar of the temple

Dr Mayank Shah describes a day as GP and trustee

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Working life: Running things

Dr Laura Gush on how she kept GPs active after

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Working Life: Christmas care on the street

Dr Gary Colman on a day providing GP outreach to

Working life: Boxing clever in a pandemic

Dr Elliott Singer on a night by the ring (in

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Working Life: Wellcome Photography Prize 2020

Dr Aiysha Malik tells Pulse about a day out of

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Working Life: Football behind closed doors

Dr Patrick Ryder talks about being the doctor of a

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Working Life: Healthcare in the extremes

As a break from Covid-19, Dr Daniel Bunce talks us through a day on duty at a race across the Arctic

​Working Life: Riding to the rescue

From cabs to oximeters, Dr Sharon Raymond has been helping London beat the Covid-19 crisis