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Clinical clanger: ‘I’m worried about this infant’s asymmetric skin creases’

…The Barlow and Ortolani screening tests… begin to lose their sensitivity and usefulness around 3-6 months’.

27 February 2024

Employer pension contributions to be raised for GP practice staff

…if necessary to align them to Agenda for Change (AfC) pay increases in England.

26 February 2024

How will general practice look in 2044?

…Davina McCall so we can all feel really positive.

23 February 2024

One thing gives general practice hope: GPs

…really do want it to improve.

20 February 2024

Pulse in Print: How issues around race came to the fore in the 2010s

…due to staff shortages she was the most senior doctor there.

13 February 2024

Pelvic mesh monitoring should be done ‘in conjunction with GPs’

…mesh, sodium valproate and the hormone pregnancy test Primodos.

12 February 2024

Health visitors to do catch-up child vaccinations in new NHS England pilots

NHS England will launch 12 ‘demonstrator sites’ to test new models for delivering vaccinations, including health visitors taking on catch-up jabs for children.

09 February 2024

JCVI sets out who is eligible for Covid Spring booster jab

…be admitted to hospital with Covid-19 from two weeks following vaccination, compared to those who did not receive one.

08 February 2024

Measles: What it is and what GPs should look out for

…with the potential to cause serious illness and death.

30 January 2024

Alzheimer’s blood test could help early diagnosis and direct treatment

…detecting longitudinal changes, even in preclinical stages of the disease, they reported in the JAMA Neurology journal.

30 January 2024

Blood protein test may pick up range of early-stage cancers

test, which is based on a panel of 10 proteins could ‘kickstart’ a new generation of screening tests for early detection.

16 January 2024

Covid undervaccination led to thousands of deaths in UK

People not having all their recommended doses of Covid vaccine led to thousands of unnecessary deaths and severe outcomes, researchers have found.

16 January 2024

NICE recommends huge expansion of Covid antiviral eligibility

…to severe illness if they were infected with Covid-19, NICE said.

11 January 2024

Pulse Reference Masterclass: Dementia

…single-gene disease.

09 January 2024

Rational referrals: Respiratory medicine

…allows better assessment of the need for a CT scan.

04 January 2024

NHS facing ‘most difficult start to year ever’ due to strikes

…top of a host of seasonal pressures such as covid, flu, and staff absences due to sickness – all of which is impacting on how patients flow through hospitals.

02 January 2024

Covid boosters needed as vaccine protection wanes after six months, finds UKHSA

…to those who had been vaccinated in the six months before they tested positive (0.

02 January 2024

2023 in review: Catastrophic IT outages

…support services were not fit for purpose.

28 December 2023

2023 in review: The unofficial screening boom

…seen ECG tests offered to all between the ages of 14 and 35, with the charity saying it performs up to 30,000 tests each year.

23 December 2023

BMA takes legal action against RCGP over ‘discriminatory’ exam policy

…a disability such as neurodiversity after an unsuccessful attempt at the applied knowledge test (AKT) or simulated consultation assessment (SCA).

21 December 2023

Bowel cancer screening age lowered to 54 years in phased expansion

…of the home testing FIT kits, with over two thirds of those eligible returning their tests, but we want to see even more people taking up the offer.

20 December 2023

Keeping up with clinical guidelines

…and tests that didn’t even exist when I was at medical school.

12 December 2023

Covid and flu hospital admissions twice as high in deprived areas, UKHSA warns

A report by UK public health officials has highlighted stark inequalities in the complications of flu and Covid infection related to deprivation and ethnicity.

08 December 2023

Key questions: Male infertility


07 December 2023

Vaccination strongly lowers long Covid risk, finds study

Having at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine before a first infection is strongly linked to a lower risk of developing long Covid, say Swedish researchers.

06 December 2023

GPC to discourage practices to sign up to vaccination programmes at reduced fees

England LMCs have voted in favour of a motion proposing a series of improvements to vaccination fee rates, in light of this year’s confused rollout of the Covid booster programme….

23 November 2023

GPs to recruit men to first targeted prostate cancer-screening trial

…developed in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK, will use ‘innovative’ screening methods such as MRI scans, which the Government believes will be ‘more accurate’ than the current blood tests.

20 November 2023

NHS to expand GP data sharing platform for major conditions research

…vaccines and on which patients were receiving new Covid-19 treatment Before expanding the platform, NHS England ‘will now carefully test’ which types of research it could support.

17 November 2023

GPs to trial AI stethoscopes to diagnose heart failure

…the NT-proBNP blood test, but this may need to be followed by other tests including an ECG, an echocardiogram, or a chest X-ray.

08 November 2023

CVD prevention should be extended beyond general practice, says CMO

…Professor Whitty said: ‘Secondary prevention – this is what you do either because someone has got a risk factor picked up usually by the GP or in a random test….

06 November 2023

Public needs education on role of HPV in cervical screening

…women asked selected the correct statement on the role of HPV testing in smear tests.

01 November 2023

Police called as ‘anti-vaxxers’ storm GP Covid clinic

…refused to leave despite staff asking them to.

31 October 2023

What GPs need to know about the new NICE FIT guidance

…and support in order to return the test.

19 October 2023

NHSE campaign launched to ‘raise awareness’ of non-GP roles in general practice

…GP with 32 million people accessing the NHS app to book appointments or receive test results, so if you need support please come forward for care.

19 October 2023

Rare diseases and the role of primary care

test in the NHS.

17 October 2023

Limiting Covid boosters to the over-80s would be more cost-effective

…the risk of a more significant wave of Covid than planned for.

10 October 2023

Trust launches review into 17,000 cervical screening test results

Around 17,000 patients will have their cervical cancer screening test results reviewed after concerns were raised about laboratory ‘performance’.

10 October 2023

Impact of ‘long colds’ may be underestimated, study finds

‘Long colds’ with similar respiratory impact as long Covid may be an ‘underestimated’ issue, a new study has concluded.

06 October 2023

Patients urged to come forward for flu jabs amid concerns for severe illness

Public health experts have urged vulnerable patients to come forward for their influenza jabs, highlighting that more people died from flu than Covid-19 last winter.

02 October 2023

Covid-19 antiviral molnupiravir can help virus mutate and spread

…used to treat Covid infections since 2021.

29 September 2023

GPs asked to encourage pregnant women to take up Covid jab offer

GPs and midwives are being urged to make sure pregnant women know they are eligible for booster vaccinations this autumn amidst concerns over the latest Covid variant.

26 September 2023

NHS ‘could save £100m’ by making FeNO testing available to all GPs

…primary care, including as a paid-for diagnostic test within the GP contract.

26 September 2023

Only half of ICBs extend NHS staff survey to GP practices

…to extend the survey to practices was announced in the summer and came after the success of five pilots that sought to test the methodology.

21 September 2023

Government magic trick has vanishing chance of success

…refer on the new ‘eight-week-to-diagnosis/all-clear’ target will default to straight-to-test.

18 September 2023

Genetic testing for ovarian cancer to expand under NICE recommendations

Hundreds of thousands of people could be eligible for genetic testing for risk of ovarian cancer under new draft NICE guidance.

15 September 2023

GP practice reinstates face masks while awaiting Covid jabs

…the practice to start wearing face masks again, a measure which has been supported by the local LMC and ICB.

14 September 2023

ADHD is ‘independent risk factor’ for serious mental health conditions

…used several techniques to test the associations found that genetic liability to ADHD was independently associated with the risk of anorexia nervosa (28%).

13 September 2023

GPs to receive direct-access diagnostics test results within four weeks

Direct access diagnostic tests requested by GPs should be completed in under four weeks, NHS England has stipulated in new guidance.

11 September 2023

Overdiagnosis: B12 deficiency

test is perfect, but when we test the wrong cohort of patients our imperfect tests become even less helpful.

07 September 2023

Venous thromboembolism warning over contraceptive pills with NSAIDs

…blood clots when taking ibuprofen-like drugs.

06 September 2023

Air pollution may worsen Covid-19 symptoms

…severity of COVID-19 disease once someone is infected with SARS-CoV-2, with an increased risk of hospitalisation following infection.

06 September 2023

GPs should not prescribe antibiotics remotely for respiratory infections, says NICE

…draft guideline on the initial assessment and management of suspected ARIs in over-16s covers pneumonia, respiratory viruses, and flu – but not Covid-19.

05 September 2023

Dry eyes and mouth in primary care

Consultant rheumatologist Dr Elizabeth Price discussed the causes and management of dry eyes and mouth.

01 September 2023

GPs to be paid additional £5 for each Covid vaccination delivered

…Welsh Government confirmed that GPs will be paid the standard vaccination fee to deliver the Covid vaccine.

30 August 2023

Last-minute cut to Covid jab fee in Wales

GP practices in Wales have seen a last-minute reduction to their fee for administering Covid-19 vaccines from £12.

30 August 2023

Cancer screening largely fails to extend lifetime, finds major study

…screening tests for breast, colorectal, lung, and prostate cancers.

29 August 2023

NICE finalises guideline to mandate FIT testing for suspected colorectal cancer

…unexplained symptoms (for example, abdominal mass)’.

24 August 2023

Pharmacist prescribing pilots to be launched across England

…other local NHS bodies to designate the pathfinder sites.

23 August 2023

Manufacturers ‘free to negotiate deals for private Covid vaccinations’

…them over time since the development of the vaccines.

21 August 2023

Rational referrals: Urology

…PUJ stone develops infection, it becomes a potentially life-threatening urological condition and needs urgent decompression of the kidney by means of a ureteric stent or nephrostomy.

17 August 2023

Revealed: Only two ICBs were meeting NHS cancer targets

…to work hard to address long waits – prioritising those in greatest need.

17 August 2023

Two-week wait officially scrapped under simplified cancer targets

…days rather than simply getting a first appointment.

17 August 2023

Four-session cap for GPs on retention scheme is removed

…those in the contract with their practice.

16 August 2023

Plans to bypass GP for some cancer tests are underway, says health secretary

…so with breast lump immediate referral, or with change in bowel habit, FIT test and blood tests are required before urgent referral to lower GI for colonoscopy.

16 August 2023

Why are we so bloody-minded?

…that a blood test feeds on itself like a self-harming vampire.

15 August 2023

Major conditions strategy to focus on lifestyle drivers and early diagnosis

…NHS and AI developers ‘to ensure they are able to access the necessary high-quality, diverse and representative screening imaging data needed to develop and test AI products’.

14 August 2023

NHS England expected to scrap two-week wait cancer target this week

…diagnosis, first treatment and subsequent treatment.

14 August 2023

Red flags in assessing acute vertigo

…may contribute to peripheral vertigo.

11 August 2023

Flu and Covid vaccination programmes delayed until October

…in Practice that both adult flu and Covid programmes were expected to start a month later.

10 August 2023

GPs encouraged to refer abusive patients to new rehabilitation pilot

…experiencing higher levels of abusive behaviour and this pilot aims to test a new way to reduce that as well as helping patients with their wellbeing.

09 August 2023

JCVI recommends autumn Covid booster for over-65s and clinically vulnerable

…patient safety warning over the Government’s decision to cut the fee GPs are paid per Covid vaccination by 25%.

08 August 2023

25% cut to Covid vaccine IoS ‘threat to patient safety’, BMA warns

…practices would find it difficult to deliver the Covid vaccination programme this autumn with a 25% fee reduction.

07 August 2023

Never off duty

…to like to test me by sending these pictures without any kind of history relating to the problem.

04 August 2023

One in four blood tests in general practice may be unnecessary

…to change in management or reassurance and 13% led to further or repeat blood tests.

03 August 2023

The rise of YouTube as a medical education resource

…of the pandemic.

03 August 2023

GPs’ concern over DHSC ‘promoting’ unofficial prostate cancer screening

…National Screening Committee (NSC) concluding that PSA screening was not accurate enough to detect prostate cancer that needs treatment, and could lead to unnecessary and often unpleasant tests and treatment….

01 August 2023

NHSE launches training for GPs on prescribing Covid treatments

NHSE has launched an e-learning module to support GPs in assessing vulnerable patients and prescribing community-based Covid treatments.

01 August 2023

Fund GPs to do spirometry to improve COPD diagnosis rates, report warns

…next week, Asthma+Lung UK will raise concerns about patchy provision of respiratory diagnostic tests, setting a deadline for NHS England to get better systems in place.

28 July 2023

Hepatitis C prevalence falls by 45% in England

…or do a test at home.

28 July 2023

GP leaders resisting moves to further reduce Covid vaccination fee

Covid vaccinations, valid until 31 August, GPs are paid a £10.

25 July 2023

A driving licence is a privilege, not a right

…their fitness to hold a licence.

21 July 2023

Genetic risk scores only add ‘modest’ benefit over usual cancer screening

…renal cancer, 26% of lung cancer and 47% of testicular cancer cases.

21 July 2023

Patients missing out on COPD diagnoses due to ‘scandalous’ lack of spirometry services

Not enough is being done to provide access to good quality spirometry testing in England, GPs and respiratory specialists have warned.

21 July 2023

Healthcare workers want face masks in GP surgeries to protect against long Covid

…settings in May, with the advice having being in place since June 2020.

18 July 2023

GPs unable to print off pathology forms due to ’embarrassing’ IT software supplier failure

…GP partner in Chingford, East London, tried to print off blood test forms on Wednesday morning, but a pop-up window appeared saying that EMIS’s subscription had expired.

14 July 2023

Therapeutics update: Continuous glucose monitoring

Dr Shammy Noor explains the advantages and reliability of continuous blood glucose monitoring Traditional blood glucose testing Fingerstick blood testing has been used for generations.

14 July 2023

NICE publishes first-ever draft guideline on B12 deficiency

…confirm diagnosis, if initial testing is inconclusive.

11 July 2023

NICE recommends GPs use FIT test for all suspected colorectal cancer patients

…Under this new draft guidance, which will be open to consultation until 19 July, all such patients will receive a FIT test.

05 July 2023

BMA calls for financial support for doctors with long Covid

…from all over the world found that being vaccinated against Covid halves the risk of developing long Covid.

04 July 2023

How do UK medical school places translate to fully trained GPs? 

…they are the latest to have qualified as fully trained GPs.

03 July 2023

GPs should not agree to take on prescribing of Covid treatments, says BMA

…IV treatment have already been advised to contact their GP practice from the end of June if they test positive for Covid.

28 June 2023

Superdrug to offer self-tests for conditions including fertility and vitamin D deficiency

…will be offered the tests through blood taken by a nurse at in-store clinics in addition to the home test kits already available online.

27 June 2023

MoJ wants to expand trial of legal clinics in GP practices

…setting, as well as quicker resolution of the legal problem.

26 June 2023

How lung checks are catching cancer early

…lung health, lifestyle, and family and medical history.

26 June 2023

Key questions: chronic kidney disease

…chronic kidney disease (CKD) is often found in primary care on ‘routine’ blood testing in a non-acute situation.

16 June 2023

GP referrals for suspected cancer up 7% on last year

GPs are referring more patients than ever for suspected cancer with 2.

12 June 2023

UK records highest number of gonorrhoea cases for over a century

…consider syphilis in cases of unexplained ulcer, rash, swollen lymph nodes (anywhere on the body), headache, abnormal LFTs, rapid onset visual disturbance, and glandular fever-like symptoms.

09 June 2023

Rural GP practices to be given new skin cancer diagnosis technology

…Early testing phases reported helping to avoid around 10,000 unneeded face-to-face appointments, NHS England said.

09 June 2023

Twenty years of shared history and diagnostic blind alleys

…doc?’ ‘You don’t have cancer, Mr Coates.

08 June 2023

Doctors to take legal action against GMC over ‘inaction’ on Covid vaccine misinformation

A group of doctors, including some GPs, has begun legal proceedings against the GMC based on what they say is a failure to act on Covid-19 vaccine misinformation.

05 June 2023

Medical graduates to be allocated foundation places with computer-generated ranking

…according to the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO).

05 June 2023

GPs could take greater role in Covid treatment delivery in new local pathways

GPs could be asked to take a greater role in the delivery of community Covid treatments for eligible vulnerable patients.

02 June 2023

Promising UK cancer blood test correctly diagnoses two-thirds of patients

…was run by the University of Oxford and supported by GRAIL, the US-based company that developed the Galleri MCED test.

02 June 2023

Medical arithmetic: Yellow pigmentation and unusual rashes

…his legs that doesn’t go away when I do the glass test.

30 May 2023

CPD: How to write patient-friendly notes

…lower abdominal pain, frequency of passing urine and some burning pain on voiding.

25 May 2023

Scrap PSA policy for either population screening or symptomatic testing, researchers argue

…has increased by about 50% since PSA testing became available in the early 1990s, the researchers pointed out.

25 May 2023

The risks of being a Good Samaritan

…set in a tribunal – but I doubt that anyone is eager to test this.

23 May 2023

Complicated pregnancy clinic: Diabetes

…(see box 1) at their antenatal booking appointment.

19 May 2023

Failing the screen test


17 May 2023

The rise of at-home testing kits

…being tested or screened.

16 May 2023

GPs asked to encourage at-risk patients to take new at-home hepatitis C test

test themselves and either put their mind at rest or begin effective treatment.

13 May 2023

Covid vaccination creates no increased risk of menstrual changes, finds large study

…the Covid vaccination and healthcare contacts related to menstrual or bleeding disorders.

12 May 2023

Overdiagnosis: Breast cancer screening

…less than 100%.

12 May 2023

Screening by the back door

…chemical reaction to detect blood in the stool but were replaced by faecal immunochemical testing (FIT) in 2016.

05 May 2023

Management of commonly abnormal blood tests in primary care

…inflammatory marker test.

04 May 2023

Scottish GPs need more allocated time for training on long Covid

…in relation to the awareness and recognition of long Covid within the medical profession’.

03 May 2023

Would my best still be enough in today’s NHS?

…eyes looked yellow.

01 May 2023

Gratification delayed by a generation – the reward of continuity

…A call interrupted a busy evening surgery – a mum describing her four-month-old’s rash.

01 May 2023

NHS England tells hospitals to return cancer test results within 10 days

NHS England has tasked hospitals with turning around diagnostic test results for suspected cancer within 10 days.

27 April 2023

Patients having to ask GPs to translate English-only hospital letters

…investigations such as diagnostic tests and scans (X-ray, CT or MRI).

27 April 2023

GP practices ‘thousands out of pocket’ due to FIT testing commissioning delay

Exclusive GP practices in one area of England were unable to avail of promised funding last year because the local ICB had not commissioned FIT testing for all patients.

27 April 2023

Demand for GP appointments rocketed in later winter, ONS analysis shows

…a test or to start receiving treatment through the NHS.

25 April 2023

If you want to get a life, get a dog

…a completely pointless blood test.

21 April 2023

Early initiation of SGLT2 inhibitors: practicalities and pitfalls

…they are significant unwell while taking a SGLT2 inhibitor.

20 April 2023

Up to one in 20 new diabetes cases could be linked to Covid, new study finds

…were hospitalised with Covid appeared to be at greatest risk.

20 April 2023

Ten top tips for supporting diagnosis and management of COPD patients

…sources, and may not be attributable to COPD, but if you are considering COPD as a possible cause of your patient’s symptoms, arrange for a spirometry test.

12 April 2023

GP concern over plans to move Covid medicine delivery to ICB control

…an end to all PCR Covid testing outside NHS settings this month, alongside routine asymptomatic testing of patients and staff across all parts of health and social care.

12 April 2023

‘Active monitoring’ linked to same survival as radiotherapy or surgery in prostate cancer

…diagnosed with localised prostate cancer following a PSA blood test and were evenly split between the two groups.

11 April 2023

At-risk children aged 6 months to 4 years now eligible for Covid vaccine

…at least eight weeks between the first and second doses at least four weeks after a Covid-19 infection.

06 April 2023

Boots wants access to patient records to enable expansion of diabetes management service

…Birmingham, which are cities with a higher prevalence of type 2 diabetes.

05 April 2023

OTC blood testing makes mine boil

…and anxiety her self-testing caused.

30 March 2023

GP networks to be given average £11.5k per month to improve access

…through metrics such as the patient survey and the friends and family test; adopt the use of cloud-based telephony systems; and accurately record data.

30 March 2023

Were the Covid lockdowns justified?

…about these prolonged effects? Could they have been lessened? I find I am now practising medicine as if Covid were no longer a threat.

28 March 2023

Research points to patterns of immune cell dysregulation linked to long Covid symptoms

Dysregulation of an immune cell appears to underpin specific symptoms in patients with long Covid, researchers have said.

28 March 2023

Four new UTI tests could help fight antimicrobial resistance

…the NHS Business Service Authority.

27 March 2023

Vaccination halves long Covid risk, large study finds

Being vaccinated against Covid-19 halves the risk of developing long Covid, a large study by UK researchers has concluded.

23 March 2023

RCGP apologises and says all trainees will be able to take RCA exam

…the College was criticised over issues to accommodate candidates to take the test.

16 March 2023

Best Laid Plans 2021/22: Sajid Javid’s punitive measures

…the Omicron variant and GPs were asked to prioritise Covid boosters over routine appointments.

10 March 2023

Offer of first and second Covid vaccinations to end in June

…slightly higher levels of antibody against the more recent strains of Covid-19 (Omicron) than the vaccines you would have received previously.

09 March 2023

Ethnic minority groups no longer more likely to die from Covid

People from ethnic minority backgrounds are no longer statistically more likely to die from Covid-19, the latest analysis from the Office for National Statistics shows.

24 February 2023

Medical arithmetic: unusual skin lesions and mouth ulceration

…simplex (she did not attend GUM clinic).

23 February 2023

‘Psychosocially vulnerable’ more at risk of persistent fatigue after Covid

…found no association with chronic comorbidities and persistent symptoms after Covid-19 infection.

13 February 2023

Mother-to-child hepatitis B transmission eliminated in England

…C by a global target date of 2030, public health officials believe.

06 February 2023

Pulse checker: Government launches Uber Ambulance

…internal bleeding.

06 February 2023

Almost two-thirds of GP staff took up offer of flu and Covid vaccines this winter

…vaccinated against Covid-19 just days before the 3 February deadline for unvaccinated staff to get their first Covid vaccine – subject to a consultation and a House of Commons vote.

01 February 2023

Behind the headlines: Are Labour’s plans radically misguided?

…suggests Mr Streeting does not appreciate the importance of vaccinations and the implications of delivering them for GP workload, especially the Covid jab.

01 February 2023

Most long Covid symptoms resolve a year after mild infection, research suggests

…Reporting the findings in the BMJ, the researchers also said of the small proportion of children who had persistent symptoms after Covid-19 infection, the vast majority recovered.

31 January 2023

NICE proposes stricter logging of alcohol use by GPs in new draft quality standard

…disorders, includes a statement about accurately recording alcohol use, and using validated questionnaires including the Alcohol Use Disorder Test (AUDIT) or abbreviated versions ‘when time is limited.

31 January 2023

Government wasted £15bn on unusable PPE and other Covid supplies

…equipment  included £1.

30 January 2023

Artificial pancreas also improves type 2 diabetes control

…their diabetes overall, the team said.

25 January 2023

JCVI sets out advice for next rounds of Covid booster vaccinations

…immunity and epidemiology of infection which ‘limits the development of a routine immunisation programme against Covid-19’.

25 January 2023

Third of women have never had cervical screening

The proportion of women who have never had cervical screening, or are not up to date with their tests, is the highest in 10 years, NHS England has warned.

25 January 2023

Test your knowledge (CPD)

Now that you are up to speed on the NICE T2D guideline updates, it is time to test your knowledge.

10 January 2023

Rational referrals: Gastroenterology

…is to answer specific questions.

06 January 2023

2022 in review: Will long Covid help us understand the unexplainable?

…nasty spanner in the works for many with latest figures revealing that around 2.

02 January 2023

Calls for breathlessness hub pilots to be expanded to improve COPD diagnosis

…had been working to develop community diagnostic or investigations hubs at a PCN level to test for things like bloods, spirometry, ECGs, FENO, and possibly echocardiogram.

16 December 2022

GPs come out in force for autumn Covid boosters despite funding decrease

…how GPs are paid for Covid jabs under the latest phase of the programme – the autumn boosters.

08 December 2022

Get Covid booster before Christmas, NHS England urges

…because only recently become eligible, NHS England said.

08 December 2022

GP practices offered staff from closing mass vaccination centres

…part of the Covid vaccination programme at the start of 2021, alongside GP, community pharmacy and hospital-led vaccination sites.

30 November 2022

Automatic online access to GP records halted until further notice

…GP contract so that patients can better manage their own health via easy access to information such as test results and referral letters’.

29 November 2022

GPs on PCSE: ‘My total rewards statement has never been up to date past 2018’

…and having her case investigated as one of the test cases looked at by PwC in 2018, the GP finally got a cheque in February 2019 refunding the money.

29 November 2022

BMA gives Government seven-day ultimatum over online patient access to GP records

…record information gives them the tools to manage their own health, providing easy access to their information such as test results and referral letters.

25 November 2022

Managing sports injuries in the GP surgery: hip and groin

…or over the inferior pubic ramus.

24 November 2022

Diabetes screening through HbA1c tests could pick up cases two years earlier, study suggests

…screening initiative implemented today would provide less substantial benefits than the 2.

22 November 2022

Over two thirds of first-wave Covid infections led to long Covid, finds study

Over two-thirds of non-hospitalised patients infected with Covid in the first wave of the pandemic developed long Covid, according to a new study.

18 November 2022

Just scan this

Having direct access to ‘fast-track’ cancer tests will make matters worse for both GPs and patients, argues Dr Tony Copperfield I realise there’s no pleasing some, especially me.

16 November 2022

GPs to have direct access to ‘fast-track’ cancer tests from this month

All GP practices in England will be able to directly order fast-track cancer diagnostic tests for their patients starting from this month, NHS England has announced.

16 November 2022

Clinical clangers: ‘Her dipstick test shows a water infection, can you prescribe antibiotics?’

…are unwell, referral into secondary care for further tests may be considered.

11 November 2022

Controversial GMC laptop case ‘should not have been taken forward’, finds review

…as a result found that her fitness to practise was impaired.

02 November 2022

ICB reinstates face mask wearing across GP practices and other healthcare providers

…latest Covid-19 hospital admission rate was 10.

01 November 2022

GP practices to trial genetic testing ahead of statin, PPI and antidepressant prescribing

…pilot, which is part of wider plans to introduce pharmacogenetic testing more routinely in the NHS.

28 October 2022

Managing sports injuries in the GP surgery: arm and shoulder

…most common test for the condition is the rather unimaginatively named golfer’s elbow test.

27 October 2022

New flu and Covid jab marketing campaign launched as uptake falters in some groups

…hospitalisations and ICU admissions rising fast, especially in under-fives.

24 October 2022

GPs to inform pregnant women of Covid jab eligibility

…approval for Covid vaccines in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

21 October 2022

Are you a diagnostic genius? ‘I keep getting pain in my belly, mainly when I eat’

Follow the clues to test your diagnostic sleuthing skills.

21 October 2022

No reduction in hospitalisation or death from Covid treatment molnupiravir

…all participants had also had at least one Covid vaccination, the researchers reported, and subgroup analyses showed the same results.

20 October 2022

Positive GP experiences increase to 90% in friends and family test 

Nine in ten GP patient responses to the restarted ‘friends and family test’ (FFT) were positive in August, an increase of three percentage points on the prior month.

18 October 2022

Long Covid patients show signs of autoimmune disease, find researchers

…symptoms and to need medical help.

14 October 2022

Not FIT for purpose

…shall we, because it’s currently hotter than an endoscopic diathermy.

14 October 2022

Over-50s invited to book Covid autumn booster and flu jab

All over-50s will be eligible to book in for their autumn Covid booster and flu vaccination from tomorrow, NHS England has announced.

13 October 2022

Are you a diagnostic genius? ‘My husband has aged so much in the past year’

Follow the clues to test your diagnostic sleuthing skills.

11 October 2022

Are you a diagnostic genius? ‘My rheumatism is playing up’

Follow the clues to test your diagnostic sleuthing skills.

11 October 2022

Are you a diagnostic genius? A case of cough

Follow the clues to test your diagnostic sleuthing skills.

11 October 2022

PCNs to recruit 1,000 GP assistants and 1,250 digital leads

…and blood tests as well as arranging appointments, referrals and follow up care for patients.

06 October 2022

AI could overcome sexism in diagnosing female heart attacks

…troponin test results.

05 October 2022

GPs need access to FFP3 masks as Covid cases rise, BMA says

…understandably fearful about what the coming months might bring if this latest surge in infection rates cannot be curbed.

05 October 2022

Working life: Let the games begin

…latest Covid protocols.

04 October 2022

Patients self-injecting vitamin B12 without telling their GP, finds study

…the impact of Covid-19, 58% said the pandemic had affected their care, including treatments being stopped or cancelled.

04 October 2022

Long Covid: Explaining the unexplainable?

…of either: – Ongoing symptomatic Covid-19 – Post-Covid-19 syndrome Professor Carolyn Chew-Graham, Professor of General Practice Research at Keele University 1 NICE.

30 September 2022

Autumn Covid wave arrives with one-in-32 infected

…in the previous week, the latest report from UKHSA said.

29 September 2022

UKHSA warns of early and severe flu season

Covid variant was added to the autumn booster campaign.

28 September 2022

Novavax Covid jab should not be co-administered with flu jab

Covid-19 and influenza vaccines may be administered at the same time ‘where operationally advantageous’.

26 September 2022

Over two million autumn Covid boosters administered in first fortnight

More than two million autumn boosters have been administered in the first fortnight of the autumn Covid vaccine booster campaign, NHS England has said.

26 September 2022

Breaking barriers for research in primary care

…demonstration of the power and promise of research in primary care during the pandemic.

26 September 2022

Pharmacies to take over management and supply of contraception from GPs

…go further on enabling pharmacists with more prescribing powers and making more simple diagnostic tests available in community pharmacy.

22 September 2022

Dealing with sports injuries in the GP surgery: foot and lower leg

…dorsiflexion, plantarflexion, eversion and inversion.

15 September 2022

‘No plans’ to make Covid vaccines available to general public for a fee

…plans to make Covid boosters available to purchase for those not eligible for a free jab.

14 September 2022

Pulse checker: Ministers to tackle climate change through GP prescriptions

…be paid for providing Covid vaccines.

14 September 2022

Poor mental health increases long Covid risk, finds study

…behaviours and conditions, they reported in JAMA Psychiatry.

09 September 2022

Restarted GP friends and family test 87% positive

…to free up time for practices to focus on Covid, but was reintroduced from October in the same year.

09 September 2022

CPD: Key questions on acute red eye

…we have?  Once you have taken the history, the most important part of an examination is a corrected Snellen visual acuity test in each eye.

08 September 2022

Pregnant women targeted in Covid vaccine misinformation campaign

Covid vaccination advice for pregnant women has not changed, the Department of Health has confirmed after false reports on social media.

05 September 2022

Pfizer Omicron vaccine added to autumn booster campaign

…relevance of these small differences is uncertain’ and stressed that all the available booster vaccines ‘offer very good protection’ against severe illness from Covid.

05 September 2022

GPs to receive incentive payments to deliver ‘accelerated’ care home Covid boosters

GPs will be incentivised to deliver ‘accelerated’ autumn Covid boosters in care homes, with payments of up to £525 per completed care home.

02 September 2022

MHRA approves Novavax Covid jab for 12-17-year-olds

The Novavax Covid-19 vaccine has been approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for use in 12-17-year-olds.

26 August 2022

Asymptomatic Covid testing for GPs and staff to be paused next week

…In hospital settings, asymptomatic testing will continue for immunocompromised patients.

24 August 2022

Bowel cancer screening expanded to patients aged 58

…offered the home testing kit next, as the next oldest group to people aged 60 who already are offered the test.

23 August 2022

GPs invited to give views on draft national vaccination strategy plans

NHS England has invited GPs to share their views on plans for a new national vaccination strategy, saying it expects Covid jabs to become a ‘seasonal service’.

19 August 2022

So long, Covid clinics

…pretty much amount to, ‘I think I’ve had Covid and I now think I have Long Covid’.

19 August 2022

Focus on Omicron when booster jab campaign launches on 5 September

GPs have been told to start delivering the autumn Covid booster campaign from 5 September, with patients set to receive Moderna’s new Omicron booster jab.

18 August 2022

Delivering Covid boosters ‘not feasible’ for some Welsh GP practices

Some GP practices in Wales will not be delivering Covid boosters this autumn due to campaign arrangements making it ‘unfeasible’.

17 August 2022

Four different Covid vaccines recommended for autumn booster campaign

…yesterday accepted JCVI advice for Moderna’s updated Omicron vaccine to be offered as part of the programme.

16 August 2022

More than one in ten GP referrals to long Covid clinics rejected

…decide how support general practice in dealing with the growing problem of long Covid.

15 August 2022

Hair loss and low libido among long Covid symptoms, study finds

Low libido and hair loss are among an ‘extremely broad’ set of long Covid symptoms in people who were infected but not hospitalised with Covid-19, according to research.

03 August 2022

Up to ICSs to determine long Covid support to general practice, says NHS England

It will be left to ICSs to decide how support general practice in dealing with the growing problem of long Covid, NHS England has said.

28 July 2022

5% of people suffer long-term loss of taste or smell after Covid

…not take into account which Covid variant patients had recovered from.

27 July 2022

Diabetes diagnosis risk raised for 12 weeks after Covid infection

The risk of developing diabetes is higher in the three months after a Covid-19 infection, UK researchers have found.

21 July 2022

Patients unclear on how GPs communicate test results, shows study

…West of England with patients interviewed at or soon after their blood test and then again when they had the results.

18 July 2022

Autumn Covid boosters and free flu jabs to be rolled out to over-50s

Covid booster vaccines will be extended to people aged 50 and over, following a final recommendation from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

15 July 2022

One in 19 people have Covid as country braces for record heat

…Ireland, the latest Office for National Statistics report showed.

15 July 2022

UK reaches 200,000 Covid deaths milestone

The UK has recorded more than 200,000 Covid-related deaths since the start of the pandemic, Government figures have revealed.

14 July 2022

Letter: QOF inequality doesn’t align to ‘NHS values’

My brother-in-law recently passed the Life in the UK test, and is now the proud bearer of a blue passport.

14 July 2022

ONS: Rise in demand for GP appointments pushed up GDP

…managed to ‘offset the continued scaling down of the NHS test and trace and Covid-19 vaccination programmes’, which saw a 44% fall in activity in May.

13 July 2022

Workload dump prevention causes loads of work

I’m stunned.

13 July 2022

Influential MPs call for new Covid vaccination campaign to reach 3m unvaccinated people

NHS England should launch a new campaign to boost Covid vaccine uptake among nearly three million unvaccinated patients, with a target to reduce this to 2.

13 July 2022

Former GP trainee in legal dispute with HEE after dyslexia ‘robbed’ him of career

…were upheld in the workplace or his examinations during GP training.

08 July 2022

GPs who sign up to autumn Covid jabs cannot ‘pause’ participation

GP practices signing up to this autumn’s Covid booster campaign will not be permitted to pause in the first four months of the campaign, NHS England has said.

07 July 2022

Managing sports injuries in the GP surgery: knee

…clinical test for meniscal tears.

04 July 2022

Two-week break from methotrexate may boost Covid-19 vaccine effect

…result in fewer cases of Covid-19 or fewer hospitalisations due to Covid-19 as it was not large enough to detect these differences.

01 July 2022

£40k spent on case suspending GP for dishonesty over ‘promise’ of laptop

…ruling on Monday, and said the dishonesty test was ‘incorrectly’ applied.

01 July 2022

Stop making examples of doctors, BMA ARM tells GMC

…we’re calling for.

29 June 2022

GMC overturns suspension of GP after ‘incorrectly applied’ dishonesty test

The GMC has said findings against GP Dr Manjula Arora should not stand and that the dishonesty test was ‘incorrectly’ applied in her case, effectively overturning the ruling.

27 June 2022

Wales extends free Covid testing as new wave sweeps the UK

A new wave of Covid, driven by new Omicron variants, is taking hold across the UK, according to the latest infection survey from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

24 June 2022

Covid vaccines prevented 20 million deaths in first year, finds study

Around 20 million deaths globally were prevented in the first year after Covid-19 vaccines were introduced reducing the global death toll by more than half, UK researchers have concluded.

23 June 2022

To B12 or not to B12


23 June 2022

NHS England sets out preliminary plans for autumn Covid boosters

…all routine immunisation programmes and the delivery of Covid-19 and flu’.

23 June 2022

GP practices could be forced to pay huge service charges as NHSPS wins in High Court

…September, when NHSPS ‘conceded’ that the policy could not vary GP practice contracts.

14 June 2022

Covid vaccine protection wanes more quickly for cancer patients, finds study

…examined in people with cancer on this scale.

13 June 2022

Government to curb ‘just in case’ prescribing of antibiotics by GPs

‘test and implement interventions to mitigate just in case prescribing’, the update said.

08 June 2022

GPs’ unanswered queries to Capita to be escalated after 40 days in new trial

…criteria in order to test the process.

31 May 2022

New GP blood test could help diagnose ovarian cancer faster

…4 (HE4), which can more accurately detect ovarian cancer than standard tests.

31 May 2022

RCGP announces candidates to succeed Professor Martin Marshall as chair

…vote in the national election, it said.

30 May 2022

RCGP should consider if applied knowledge test is ‘still fit for purpose’, say GPs

…Knowledge Test (AKT) and Clinical and Professional Skills Assessment (CPSA).

18 May 2022

Just 7% of children aged 5-11 have presented for Covid vaccination

Only 7% of children aged 5-11 have so far been vaccinated against Covid in England, official data has revealed.

16 May 2022

How to consult remotely: contraception

…of myocarditis due to Covid-19 or as a side-effect of Covid-19 vaccination.

13 May 2022

One in five over-75s has not yet taken up spring Covid booster

…Dr Nikki Kanani added: ‘This latest data shows that the NHS Covid-19 vaccination programme has vaccinated four in five of eligible over-75s with a spring booster, with more than 1.

13 May 2022

GPs urged to use point-of-care CRP testing to reduce antibiotic prescribing

…is introduced but without any added harms, the PCRS said.

11 May 2022

How GPs are facing up to a mental health epidemic

…in England have suffered years of underfunding.

09 May 2022

GPs to chase immunosuppressed and housebound patients for Covid boosters

NHS England has urged practices to help identify immunosuppressed and housebound patients who are eligible for a spring Covid booster but have not yet received one.

06 May 2022

GPs receive ‘menacing’ anti-child Covid vaccination letters claiming to be from solicitors

…majority of Covid vaccinations in the 5-11 age group would take place in primary care.

05 May 2022

Two-thirds hospitalised with Covid not recovered a year later

Over two-thirds of patients hospitalised with Covid do not feel they have fully recovered one year after discharge, according to a large UK study.

04 May 2022

Almost all patient-facing GPs and staff have Covid vaccination

More than 95% of GP practice staff have now had two doses of Covid vaccine and 88% have had a third booster dose, the latest NHS figures show.

29 April 2022

Positive OTC HPV test does not prompt early cervical screen, advises NHSE

Privately bought at-home testing kits for human papillomavirus (HPV) should not be used to make decisions about cervical screening, NHS England has warned.

21 April 2022

MHRA approves Moderna Covid vaccine for children aged 6-11

…two 10-microgram doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid jab at least 12 weeks apart.

19 April 2022

GP practices are paving the way with Covid research studies

…participants and delivering this pivotal trial.

14 April 2022

Valneva’s inactivated Covid vaccine approved for UK use

The Valneva Covid vaccine has today been given regulatory approval by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), making it the sixth Covid vaccine the regulator has authorised.

14 April 2022

Second Covid antiviral rolled out to 17,500 more patients in England

…February to those ‘at highest risk’ from Covid who test positive, such as the immunocompromised, cancer patients or those with Down’s Syndrome.

12 April 2022

Covid and co-morbidities


11 April 2022

Hospitals forced to divert patients amid Covid pressures

…that in the week ending on the 26 March, one in 13 people were infected with Covid-19.

07 April 2022

General practice long Covid plan due this spring, says minister

…GPs to develop expertise in long Covid’ to allow them to help patients with the condition.

06 April 2022

High street pharmacies consider no longer providing Covid tests as free programme ends

…right now with the cost of living rising and they cannot afford to buy Covid tests on top of that,’ he added.

05 April 2022

NHS updates Covid symptoms list to include runny nose, sore throat and diarrhoea

…most vulnerable patients has had to pay for Covid testing in England.

04 April 2022

Debate: Was it the right decision to remove Covid restrictions?

…population and crowded country.

01 April 2022

GPs can refer patients for free Covid testing, says NHS England

test twice-weekly using lateral flow devices.

31 March 2022

GPs to continue to receive free Covid testing

The Government has confirmed that GPs and other healthcare workers in England will continue to receive free Covid tests.

30 March 2022

GP practices told to resume Friends and Family Test this week

…was changing the test’s key question to make it clearer and more accessible.

29 March 2022

Covid staff absences force GP practices to stop non-urgent care

…Statistics‘ latest infection survey had estimated that 1 in 16 people in England had Covid the previous week, with cases continuing to rise by 3-6% per day last week.

28 March 2022

RCGP lead calls for sick pay protection for GPs with long Covid

covid-19 in April 2020 while working at her local hospital’s urgent care centre and went on to develop long covid.

25 March 2022

GPs can’t access Covid tests as Government asks public not to order them

Covid testing beyond 1 April was ‘under review’ and that it would write ‘in the coming weeks’ with detail on testing protocols for staff and patients.

25 March 2022

Majority of GPs think England Covid restrictions removed too soon

…has Covid? We are bringing vulnerable people into our surgeries, so we have to try to keep Covid out of them somehow.

25 March 2022

Mild Covid-19 linked to increased risk of type 2 diabetes

…for Covid-19 than those who had a non-Covid upper respiratory tract infection, with 15.

23 March 2022

‘Unacceptable’ lack of info on GP and staff Covid testing from 1 April

…staff Covid testing, the BMA said it is ‘calling for the Government to provide reassurance that staff testing will remain in place and this testing will remain free for them’….

23 March 2022

Immunosuppressed to show doctor note or medication to receive spring Covid booster

The NHS has launched the next phase of its Covid vaccination programme for people eligible for a spring booster jab today.

21 March 2022

Prophylactic Covid treatment with GP potential approved by MHRA

…it from entering cells.

17 March 2022

How to consult remotely: orthopaedic presentations

test to assess for nerve root tension.

16 March 2022

More than half of GPs do not think they should be ‘main providers’ of Covid jabs

Exclusive GPs should not be the ‘main providers’ of Covid vaccinations, according to more than half of GPs responding to a major Pulse survey.

15 March 2022

GP vaccine sites offering ‘value for money’ to continue Covid jabs until September

GP-led Covid vaccination sites will be able to continue delivering jabs until September if they have ‘sufficient capacity’, NHS England has said.

14 March 2022

Clozapine guidance for patients with Covid-19

Covid-19, be aware that similar symptoms can arise from other incidental infections associated with neutropenia.

04 March 2022

Acute Covid-19 management

…which need active management during their acute illness with Covid: Screen for symptoms of Covid-19 infection and severity of illness Focus on change.

04 March 2022

Clinical clangers: ‘My test results say I’ve got thrush – can I get a prescription, doctor?’

…issue Any test risks throwing up an incidental finding and if we are not careful, this can lead to overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

04 March 2022

In full: NHS England letter on 2022/23 GP contract changes

…Long Term Plan prevention agenda.

01 March 2022

Clinically extremely vulnerable ‘no longer’ at increased risk unless immunosuppressed

The Government has said that those previously identified as ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ (CEV) are no longer at increased risk from Covid, unless they are immunosuppressed.

28 February 2022

Covid vaccine DES to continue but must not impact ‘core’ GP services, says NHS England

The Covid vaccine DES is expected to be extended until September, although must not impact on ‘core’ GP services, NHS England has said.

28 February 2022

Let me refer you to my previous answer

…go through a revolving door to the straight-to-test route, thereby ejecting them straight back to me, or I’ll receive unsolicited Advice and Guidance advising me that I must try harder….

25 February 2022

GP Covid jabs better value for money than mass vaccination centres, finds NAO

The Covid vaccination programme was an effective use of public money, with GP-administered jabs costing £10 less per item than those given in mass vaccination centres.

25 February 2022

Covid vaccinations to be incorporated into routine immunisation programme in Wales

The Welsh Government has set out plans to incorporate future Covid vaccinations into routine immunisation programmes.

24 February 2022

GPs and staff with Covid should not attend work, UKHSA says

GPs and practice staff who test positive for Covid should not attend work, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has confirmed.

24 February 2022

Patients still need to wear face masks when visiting GP practices, says NHS England

…on testing protocols for staff and patients.

23 February 2022

Thank you, all

…course, I did all I could to avoid it.

23 February 2022

GPs express concern about practice infection control under ‘Living with Covid’ plan

Covid testing for most of the population in England will end from 1 April, except for the most elderly and vulnerable.

23 February 2022

No clarity over GP and staff isolation as NHSE ‘working on’ guidance

…until the IPC guidance on PPE usage for Covid-19 is amended or superseded – whichever is sooner’.

22 February 2022

Free Covid testing to end from April for most of the ‘general public’

Free Covid testing will end from 1 April for the majority of the population, the Prime Minister has confirmed.

21 February 2022

Vulnerable patients to receive additional Covid boosters in spring and autumn

…not be legally required to self-isolate with Covid-19 from Thursday this week, while free testing will end from April except for the elderly and vulnerable.

21 February 2022

Government to extend relaxed vaccine rules enabling wider workforce to administer jabs

The Government intends to extend relaxed vaccine rules that placed paramedics and midwives amid a wider workforce that could administer Covid jabs during the pandemic.

21 February 2022

NICE planning dramatic expansion in diabetes continuous blood glucose monitoring tech

…exclude or diagnose type 1 diabetes and to keep in mind the possibility of other diagnoses.

18 February 2022

Patients at increased risk of cardiovascular complications after Covid, finds study

People who have had Covid-19 may be at increased risk of developing cardiovascular complications in the following year.

18 February 2022

Vulnerable patients expected to be told to contact GPs for Covid advice

…be announced on 21 February, next Monday, with self-isolation rules rumoured to be dropped for people who test positive for Covid.

16 February 2022

Covid vaccination to be extended to all children aged five to 11

…10-microgram doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid jab eight weeks apart, and each dose at least four weeks after any Covid infection.

16 February 2022

UK set to pilot fourth Covid jab modified for Omicron variant

…months after a third dose of its original Covid vaccine, although they ‘remained detectable’.

16 February 2022

One in three older adults sought medical help for new condition after Covid

…This was 11% higher than a 2020 comparison group of non-Covid patients.

14 February 2022

Best resources for patients

A collection of resources for patients and carers on Covid-19 prevention and self-management.

13 February 2022

Covid vaccination contraindications and dilemmas

This section includes guides on the key conditions where Covid vaccination is contraindicated or requires modification in specific groups.

13 February 2022

Letter: Vaccinate the world

…end the pandemic, we must ensure equitable global access to vaccines, along with tests, treatments and PPE.

11 February 2022

GP practices should still look at redeploying unvaccinated staff, says BMA

GP practices must risk assess unvaccinated staff and consider whether they should be placed in non-patient-facing roles, despite the scrapping of the Covid vaccine mandate.

11 February 2022

GMC: ‘Solely’ turning down Covid vaccine will not trigger FTP investigation

The GMC has said that a doctor being unvaccinated against Covid will not, by itself, trigger a fitness-to-practise (FTP) investigation.

10 February 2022

Scrapping Covid self-isolation ‘could have serious impact’ on NHS, BMA warns

The BMA has called on the Government to provide the evidence for scrapping the requirement for self isolation if you have Covid-19 in England from the end of this month….

10 February 2022

We need a revolution in radiology

…in diagnosis as I waited for another test.

08 February 2022

Health secretary asks GMC to emphasise importance of Covid vaccination

Health secretary Sajid Javid has asked the GMC to ensure its guidance to doctors sends a ‘clear message’ on Covid vaccination.

08 February 2022

Overmedicalisation remains the easy route

…resources spent on such testing means less time with patients where clinicians can be of greater benefit? However, Covid has allowed what Dr Watson calls a ‘natural experiment’.

07 February 2022

Will Covid signal the end of the road for overmedicalisation?

…(all relevant tests for a particular condition)could help.

07 February 2022

ONS: 13% of all children aged 2-11 have Covid

The latest figures from the Office for National Statistics Covid-19 infection survey have laid bare the extent of Covid-19 cases in children, particularly those of nursery and primary school age….

04 February 2022

Newly approved Novavax Covid jab ‘should replace’ Pfizer and Moderna next winter

…people against Covid-19 disease continue to outweigh any risks.

03 February 2022

Immunosuppressed Covid booster bookings open as £10 fee supplement extended for GPs

…the Christmas period to get their booster ‘without delay’.

31 January 2022

Second Covid antiviral to be rolled out to clinically vulnerable next month

…for antiviral treatment should they test positive for Covid.

28 January 2022

LMCs say GP staff resigning ahead of Covid vaccine mandate

GP practice staff are resigning or looking for other employment ahead of the Covid vaccine mandate coming into force in England, according to LMCs.

25 January 2022

GP practices to identify 5-11s eligible for Covid jab by next week

…Pfizer/BioNTech Covid jab eight weeks apart and each dose at least four weeks after any Covid infection.

20 January 2022

Government expects to lift Covid self-isolation requirement entirely by March

…to work from day six, they must be ‘medically fit’ and test negative daily until day 10.

19 January 2022

GPs should not routinely use FFP2 as surgical mask gives ‘very good protection’

…month, which advised GPs to wear FFP2 face masks ‘as default’ when consulting patients face to face to protect against the highly-infectious Omicron Covid variant.

19 January 2022

I’ve never been prouder to be a GP

…patients for how we’ve managed to continue running clinics in addition to the Covid booster campaign.

18 January 2022

GPs can administer Covid boosters to 16-17s from this week

…than 600,000 now having received their second jab, NHS England said.

18 January 2022

Unvaccinated GP staff could face dismissal as redeployment ‘not guaranteed’

…to have ‘one-to-one’ conversations with staff who have refused Covid jabs to identify ‘reasons for vaccine hesitancy’.

14 January 2022

GP access to Covid testing ‘has improved’, claims NHS England

Access to Covid lateral flow tests for GPs and practice teams ‘has improved’, NHS England’s medical director for primary care has suggested.

14 January 2022

Some GP practices providing ‘urgent-only’ service due to increasing staff shortages

…of impact that the latest surge in Covid-19 infections has had on practices, the workforce and their very ability to provide patients with the care they need.

14 January 2022

Self-reported positive Covid LFT results to flow into GP systems

Self-reported positive lateral flow Covid test results will be sent through to GP systems to be recorded in patients’ medical notes, an LMC has confirmed.

13 January 2022

Cervical screening interval extended to every five years in Wales

…human papillomavirus (HPV) test introduced in 2018 is more accurate prediction for cancer than primary cytology testing.

11 January 2022

No ‘immediate’ need for second Covid booster, say Government vaccine advisers

…booster vaccines to all age groups, it added.

10 January 2022

Covid asymptomatic GPs with positive day 10 LFTs can return to work

tests following positive LFTs also applies to healthcare staff.

10 January 2022

GPs to report staff absences via new tool from next week

GPs are to report Covid staff absences via a new tool that will launch next week, NHS England has said.

07 January 2022

1.3 million in UK report having long Covid, ONS survey suggests

…say they have symptoms lasting more than four weeks after infection with Covid-19.

06 January 2022

Private providers making the most of the pandemic

One sector that is thriving as a result of Covid is private health services, and this is having an effect on GPs.

05 January 2022

GPs given 14 January opt-out deadline for vaccinating 5-11s against Covid

…doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid jab eight weeks apart and each dose at least four weeks after any Covid infection.

05 January 2022

Capacity warning as ‘95%’ of GP practices experiencing Covid staff absences

…positive for Covid, if they have tested negative on a lateral flow test 24 hours apart on day 6 and 7.

05 January 2022

GPs to conduct FIT tests for every ‘urgent’ suspected lower GI cancer referral

GPs must conduct FIT tests for all ‘urgent’ referrals for suspected lower GI cancer, as part of a raft of priorities for the New Year, NHS England has said.

04 January 2022

GP practices told they can access ‘contingency supply’ of Covid tests

GP practices struggling to get hold of Covid lateral flow tests (LFTs) can access a ‘significant contingency supply’, according to NHS England.

04 January 2022

GPs told to no longer prescribe budesonide to treat Covid

…to treat COVID-19 as part of a clinical trial.

23 December 2021

UK Government buys millions more community Covid antivirals

…are set to benefit from these antivirals over the coming months.

23 December 2021

GPs asked to step up support for Covid patients at home

…ICSs working with primary care teams as a Covid-19 response priority, alongside the Covid-19 vaccination programme,’ it said.

23 December 2021

GPs asked to limit pathology requests due to ‘significant’ Covid staff shortages

…days if they are a close contact of an Omicron Covid case.

22 December 2021

GPs buying own enhanced PPE to ward off Omicron wave

…in terms of how and where we see patients who have or are suspected to have Covid-19, whether that’s outside the surgery, or in specially designed separate Covid-19 hubs.

22 December 2021

Second community antibody treatment approved to reduce Covid hospitalisations

…(Xevudy) for people with mild to moderate Covid-19 who are at high risk of developing severe disease.

21 December 2021

PCNs given flexibility to move Covid-19 vaccine stocks to individual GP practices

PCNs have been granted greater flexibility to move Covid-19 vaccines to individual GP practices to increase the chance of ‘opportunistic uptake’.

20 December 2021

What GPs need to know about the new Covid-19 therapeutics

…in a CMDU if they test positive for Covid-19.

20 December 2021

GPs call for more information on community Covid treatment plans

test’ for them to keep at home, NHS England said.

17 December 2021

GPs who are close contacts of Omicron cases no longer need to isolate

…but only lateral flow tests and for seven days.

16 December 2021

The winners of the 2021 GP awards

…Olukayode Adeeko (Newton Medical Centre) and students of University of Liverpool on GP placements from December 2020 to February 2021.

14 December 2021

The Pulse Annual Awards

…with the testing regime Dido set up, as recently as October, some 43,000 people were wrongly assured they were free of Covid.

13 December 2021

Relaxation of Omicron 10-day isolation requirement ‘does not apply to GPs’

…take daily lateral flow tests for seven days and isolate only if they test positive or develop symptoms.

13 December 2021

Still possible to collect LFTs, says UKHSA, as home orders ‘temporarily suspended’

…collect rapid test kits in person from a pharmacy or a test site, using a collect code.

13 December 2021

Under-18s’ Covid jab interval could be shortened if new variant sparks ‘concern’

…16- and 17-year-olds should book their second jab 12 weeks after the first and vaccination should be delayed for 12 weeks following a positive Covid test result in 12-17s.

10 December 2021

Pfizer booster dose ‘neutralises’ Omicron Covid variant, early studies suggest

…antibodies induced by their Covid vaccine ‘neutralise the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant after three doses’.

08 December 2021

‘At least’ 93% of GP practices take up long Covid enhanced service

…that ‘good progress’ has been made on its long Covid plan.

07 December 2021

Three in four heart failure patients not getting NP test in months before diagnosis

…strengthened their recommendation to do this testing – the proportion of patients without NP testing prior to diagnosis remained high and most new diagnoses were made without an NP test.

06 December 2021

GPs urged to promote Covid vaccination at every contact with pregnant women

…latest guidance for Covid-19 vaccination.

06 December 2021

GPs to see restrictions on blood testing removed as bottle shortage resolved

…blood test tubes, warned of serious supply chain issues.

06 December 2021

GPs left ‘horribly exposed’ to Covid amid ‘lack of support’, BMA says

…by Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice setting out what areas the upcoming Covid public inquiry should cover, which the BMA contributed to.

01 December 2021

Government working to ‘free up GP time’ for Covid booster delivery, says Javid

The health secretary has said the Government is working to ‘free up’ GP time so they can dedicate themselves to delivering Covid booster jabs.

01 December 2021

GPs to get £15/jab as all adults to be offered Covid booster by 31 January

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a target for the NHS to give booster Covid jabs to all over-18s within two months.

30 November 2021

Covid booster jab eligibility to be expanded to all over-18s

Covid-19 (hospitalisation and death)’.

29 November 2021

GPs asked to isolate patients based on travel history to curb ‘Omicron’ spread

…be prioritised for isolation of patients with ‘any respiratory symptoms’ or suspected Covid-19.

29 November 2021

GPs call for suspension of NHS 111 referrals into overstretched practices

…Cambridgeshire LMC said she had recently provided advice to the parents of a child with upper respiratory tract infection symptoms including to have a PCR test.

26 November 2021

Pulse oximetry


25 November 2021

Advice and guidance to drive referrals crackdown

…the choose and book service was revamped with the introduction of electronic referrals.

25 November 2021

GPs who criticise Covid vaccine on social media ‘vulnerable’ to GMC investigation

…or tolerate’ them, the Royal Courts of Justice were told this month.

24 November 2021

GP practices should have ‘one-to-ones’ with unvaccinated staff, NHSE says

GP practices should have ‘one-to-one’ conversations with staff who have refused Covid jabs to identify ‘reasons for vaccine hesitancy’, NHS England has said.

23 November 2021

Covid jab should be delayed by three months after positive test in under-18s

Covid vaccination should be delayed for 12 weeks following a positive Covid test results in children aged 12-17, according to new guidance.

19 November 2021

GP practices ‘welcome’ to take part in roll-out trial of Covid-19 antiviral

…for the UK-wide trial was agreed in October, with the University of Oxford leading several universities testing novel treatments to be used early in Covid-19 in the community.

18 November 2021

A&G pilot trust urges consultants to reduce GP workload dumping

…in the form of rejected referrals via a far-reaching ‘advice and guidance’ pilot scheme.

17 November 2021

GPs given until Monday to opt in to deliver Covid boosters to 40-49s

NHS England has given GPs until Monday to opt in to deliver Covid booster jabs to the newly eligible 40-49 cohort.

16 November 2021

Covid boosters over 90% effective in adults 50 years and over, study shows

…programme open to everyone over 50 and people with underlying health conditions which make them vulnerable to Covid.

15 November 2021

Covid booster jabs to be rolled out to over-40s

…phase of the Covid vaccination campaign – including those who are vulnerable to Covid and the over-50s – according to JCVI advice.

15 November 2021

GPs could face £44m in Covid negligence claims, NHS Resolution warns

…that the figures are ‘broad estimates’ as at the time of estimating the financial impact of Covid-19 for NHS Resolution’s annual report, it had not yet received any Covid-specific claims….

12 November 2021

Government to fund tool to cut ‘inappropriate’ GP radiology requests

…in the system to support referrals.

12 November 2021

NHS trial to test if immunosuppressant holiday boosts Covid jab response

…The shielding programme put in place to protect those who are clinically extremely vulnerable to Covid formally closed in September.

12 November 2021

Diagnosis of VTE

…awaiting confirmatory diagnostic tests is a clinical decision based on individual patient assessment.

11 November 2021

‘No plans’ for mandatory Covid jabs in Scotland and Wales as NI announces consultation

The Scottish and Welsh Governments have said they currently have ‘no plans’ to introduce mandatory Covid and flu vaccinations for healthcare staff.

10 November 2021

Covid booster vaccines not reaching eligible patients fast enough, scientists warn

…over 70 died within 60 days of testing positive for Covid-19.

06 November 2021

Mental health conditions ‘put patients at greater risk of developing severe Covid’

…that increase the risk of Covid-19,’ the paper states.

04 November 2021

UK drugs regulator approves first Covid antiviral pill to be taken at home

…shows it is most effective in the early stages of infection.

04 November 2021

Remote consulting: adult respiratory conditions

…support the diagnosis.

03 November 2021

Patients to see new entries in their GP record through NHS App from December

…their historical coded records through the NHS App.

29 October 2021

Final ME/CFS NICE guideline recommends ‘personalised care and support plan’

…available scientific evidence, we’ve also listened to the real, lived experience and testimony of people with ME/CFS to produce a balanced guideline which has their wellbeing at its heart.

29 October 2021

Covid infection ‘carries greater risk of neurological complications than vaccines’

People run a greater risk of suffering neurological complications if they contract Covid than if they have a Covid vaccine, a new study has concluded.

26 October 2021

Covid lateral flow tests more accurate than previously thought

…risk to public health.

25 October 2021

Highs and lows of on-court life

…the main hall for the team’s arrival, which is scheduled for 11am.

22 October 2021

Long Covid: chest pain


22 October 2021

Remote consultations for gynaecology

…be tested using a home STI testing kit, available online.

21 October 2021

GP diabetes health checks down by 7.4m due to pandemic, research suggests

…measuring blood pressure and weight, urine tests for protein and blood tests for cholesterol, kidney function and average sugar level.

18 October 2021

PCR testing halted at laboratory amid fears around 43,000 false negatives

…advised to take a test in line with normal practice.

15 October 2021

‘Serious errors’ in Government’s response to Covid pandemic, MPs conclude

There were ‘serious errors’ in the Government’s initial response to the Covid-19 pandemic, including lockdown delays and testing failures, MPs have ruled.

12 October 2021

GP Covid vaccine sites to make ‘security plan’ against undercover protestors

GP-led Covid vaccine sites should review their ‘security plans’ and be aware of undercover protestors, NHS England has said.

08 October 2021

Debate: should Covid vaccination be compulsory for healthcare workers?

…return to normal as Covid-19 continues to circulate.

08 October 2021

Government launches vaccine push as public ‘underestimate’ winter threat

…the Covid-19 booster when called.

08 October 2021

Study suggests immune system response behind ‘Covid toe’

Researchers have identified the mechanism behind ‘Covid toe’, suggesting it is a side-effect of the immune response to the virus.

07 October 2021

CQC to pause use of QOF data to monitor GP practice safety

…were modified by NHS England and Improvement (NSHEI) for 2020/21 to recognise the need to reprioritise aspects of care which were not directly related to Covid-19.

04 October 2021

GPs will be asked to ‘clinically review’ Covid Pass exemption applications

GPs and specialists will have to ‘clinically review’ each and every application for a Covid vaccination exemption, the Government has said.

01 October 2021

New UK health security body replaces PHE

…help to develop vaccines against emerging variants of Covid-19.

01 October 2021

Winter is coming

…to distinguish Covid from the others.

29 September 2021

Implementing the long Covid enhanced service

Covid-19 rapid guideline: managing the long-term effects of Covid-19.

28 September 2021

GPs given 12-week respite before certifying care home jab exemptions

…mandatory Covid certification for members of the public if ‘plan B’ of its winter plan is actioned.

28 September 2021

Government considering relaxation of GP practice infection control guidance

…positive Covid case must still get a PCR test to show they are negative, however.

28 September 2021

New primary care and vaccines ministers in cabinet reshuffle

…chose to return to frontline nursing in March 2020 to help tackle the Covid pandemic.

27 September 2021

Oximetry at home extended to all Covid patients who are not fully vaccinated

Eligibility for NHS England’s Covid ‘Oximetry @home’ scheme has been extended to all 16-64s testing positive for Covid who have not had both jabs.

24 September 2021

GPs told to ensure remaining at-risk 12-15s get Covid vaccine by the end of this month

…recently-confirmed Covid vaccination booster campaign has seen GPs given a 1 November target to jab care home patients and staff against Covid and flu.

21 September 2021

Researchers identify vaccinated patient groups most at risk of serious Covid

…datasets for immunisation, Covid testing, deaths and hospital episodes.

17 September 2021

Flu and Covid co-administration ‘may not be practical’ for the NHS, says deputy CMO

Covid immunisations chair Professor Wei Shen Lim also specified that going forward flu and Covid vaccination can be administered at the same time, although ‘usually’ in different arms.

16 September 2021

GPs asked to administer Covid boosters in care homes by 1 November, ideally with flu

GPs have been told to prioritise offering Covid boosters to care home patients and staff by 1 November and are encouraged to co-administer the vaccine with the flu jab.

15 September 2021

Covid boosters and flu co-administration recommended by regulators

All patients in groups 1-9 of the first phase of the Covid vaccination campaign should have a booster jab six months after their second dose, the JCVI has said.

14 September 2021

GPs to ‘support’ school-based vaccination of 12-15s from next week

…the programme which will be ‘supported by GPs and community pharmacies’, it said.

14 September 2021

CMOs recommend universal vaccination for 12-15s

The UK’s chief medical officers (CMOs) have recommended that all children aged 12-15 are given a first dose of the Pfizer Covid vaccine.

13 September 2021

Updated information on rare Covid-19 vaccine side effects issued

The Government has issued more detailed guidance for health professionals on some rare side effects associated with Covid-19 vaccines.

10 September 2021

Clinical trial starts for first combined Covid and flu jab

Vaccine company Novavax has begun early clinical trials to test a combined Covid and flu jab.

09 September 2021

Government to decide on mandatory Covid and flu jabs for GPs

Covid and flu jabs could be made mandatory for GPs and other frontline health staff to keep patients safe, the Government has said.

09 September 2021

PM promises more than 50m extra GP appointments under Covid recovery plan

…pledge but said that he plans to go even ‘further’.

08 September 2021

Flu communications strategy has left me cold

…get flu jabs late, or might need to come in for separate flu and Covid jabs.

08 September 2021

The shortlist for GP of the Year

…telephone support.

08 September 2021

Working life: Connecting remote Zambia

…his vital signs, which are normal, and also done a malaria test, which is negative.

07 September 2021

GPs forced to cancel flu vaccine appointments due to delivery delays

…last week to cancel all blood tests except those that are ‘clinically urgent’ until 17 September, due to a shortage of test tubes that NHS England said was still worsening….

06 September 2021

Long Covid: fatigue

Fatigue is common after Covid-19 infection.

06 September 2021

One in seven children with Covid still have symptoms months later

…publication Nursing in Practice.

03 September 2021

Remote consultations for gynaecology: changes or abnormalities in menstrual flow

…ask her to take a home urinary pregnancy test.

03 September 2021

GPs must still ration blood tests despite emergency tube order, says NHS England

GPs must continue to ration blood tests, NHS England has said, despite its supplier securing an emergency order of nine million test tubes due to arrive this week.

01 September 2021

Government will not directly inform public about blood test tube shortages

Exclusive The Government is not planning a public information campaign regarding blood test tube shortages, despite GPs being told yesterday to only do ‘clinically urgent’ tests, Pulse has learned.

27 August 2021

Risk of blood clots higher with Covid infection than vaccines, finds large study

Covid infection carries a substantially higher and longer risk of blood clots and other related adverse events than either Oxford/Astra Zeneca or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination, a large UK study has concluded….

27 August 2021

NHS England orders GPs to stop all blood tests not ‘clinically urgent’ until 17 September

…asked to temporarily stop vitamin D testing, as well as screening for pre-diabetes and blood disorders such as dyslipidaemia (raised cholesterol levels), along with allergy testing and routine infertility testing….

26 August 2021

Government launches study on why some people get Covid despite vaccination

…staff enrolled in the SIREN and protective immunity from T-Cells in healthcare workers (PITCH) studies who have been giving PCR tests every two weeks and regular antibody tests.

26 August 2021

UK trial launched to test third Covid jab in immunocompromised people

A UK trial is being extended to test the effectiveness of a third Covid jab in people who are immunocompromised or immunosuppressed.

25 August 2021

No update to budesonide guidance as study confirms Covid efficacy

…it could be rolled out wider.

24 August 2021

UK orders 35 million Pfizer jabs for potential 2022 booster programme

…people with protection from Covid-19, saving 95,200 lives and preventing 82,100 hospitalisations in the over 65s in England alone.

24 August 2021

MHRA approves first novel monoclonal antibody treatment for Covid-19

…by 77%, compared to placebo.

23 August 2021

BMA lobbying NHSE for QOF income protection during blood test shortage

testing, as well as screening for pre-diabetes and blood disorders such as dyslipidaemia (raised cholesterol levels), along with allergy testing and routine infertility testing.

23 August 2021

Health secretary ‘confident’ some booster Covid vaccinations will start in September

…the head of the Oxford Vaccine Group suggested that plans to roll out an autumn Covid vaccine booster programme could be premature.

20 August 2021

No shortage of shortages

Admittedly, my initial reaction to the current blood test tube debacle was one of delight.

19 August 2021

GPs to have ‘one-to-one conversations’ with practice staff who are not fully vaccinated, says NHSE

…to debate mandatory Covid vaccination for all doctors at the BMA’s upcoming annual representatives’ meeting.

19 August 2021

Convenient scapegoats

…are not only frustrated at services, they are frustrated at the fact GPs can’t help speed up their hospital appointments or tests, for example.

18 August 2021

GPs fear financial losses and patient abuse due to blood test shortage

…week, GPs were told to suspend non-essential blood tests amid a worsening shortage of test tubes sparked by soaring demand and ‘UK border challenges’.

18 August 2021

All GP practices given until 19 August to identify vulnerable children for Covid jab

…Pfizer jab to vaccinate more than 370,000 children against Covid.

17 August 2021

When the hysteria fades, what will be left of the health service?

We remain in the thrall of Covid-19.

17 August 2021

GPs to be ‘expected’ to go back to work if they are Covid contact, says NHSE guidance

…of Covid cases, as well as contacts aged under 18, will no longer be legally required to self-isolate provided they return a negative PCR test.

16 August 2021

GP patient registration to go online following bureaucracy review

test and if they are registered as disabled.

13 August 2021

Blood test supply shortages will last for a ‘significant period of time’

…non-essential (non-clinically urgent) testing’ including stopping vitamin D testing except in exceptional circumstances and deferring routine infertility testing unless the patient is over the age of 35.

13 August 2021

Management of Covid-19 anosmia

…Your Covid Recovery advises patients that loss of smell following Covid infection may take weeks or months to resolve and is associated with an altered sense of taste.

13 August 2021

GP practices plan cautious approach as Government lifts self-isolation rules

…under 18s will not be legally required to self-isolate if they are identified as a close contact of a Covid-19 case.

12 August 2021

GPs facing venue hire problems for Covid booster programme

GPs are having difficulties securing venues from which to deliver the Covid-19 booster vaccination programme, in particular due to sites no longer being available, the BMA has said.

12 August 2021

GPs told to suspend some blood tests as tube shortage worsens

GPs have been told to suspend non-essential blood tests amid a worsening shortage of test tubes.

11 August 2021

Autumn Covid vaccine booster campaign premature, suggests Oxford vaccine lead

Plans to roll out an autumn Covid vaccine booster programme could be premature, the head of the Oxford Vaccine Group has warned.

10 August 2021

BMA calls for patient expectations to be managed as over half of GPs suffer abuse

…others to keep everyone safe, by doing things such as getting tested for Covid, and not coming in when they have Covid symptoms.

10 August 2021

GPs urged to limit blood test waste amid tube shortage

test for clotting in covid patients who may have coagulopathy, a complication that affects the blood’s ability to clot.

09 August 2021

GP practices continue total triage to protect staff and patients

Exclusive GP practices are continuing to triage patients remotely against NHS England guidance to protect their staff and patients against Covid, Pulse has learned.

06 August 2021

New NHS chief praises vaccination effort on first GP visit

…other checks wherever possible to make every contact count when it comes to improving people’s health.

05 August 2021

Most children recover from Covid within a week, finds UK study

Most children with Covid-19 recover within a week, according to new research from King’s College London.

04 August 2021

Fully vaccinated three times less likely to test positive for Covid

Fully vaccinated people are three times less likely to test positive for Covid-19 than people who are unvaccinated, according to a Government-commissioned study.

04 August 2021

NHSE awaiting MHRA approval to allow Covid booster delivery at GP practice level

NHS England has said it is seeking MHRA approval for GPs to deliver Covid booster vaccines at an individual practice level.

04 August 2021

PCNs will no longer be provided with all Covid vaccination equipment

Primary care networks (PCNs) will no longer be provided with some of the equipment they need to deliver Covid vaccinations during the booster programme this autumn, NHS England has said….

03 August 2021

GP practices could close or reduce services this winter as pressures mount, warn LMCs

…be operating ‘skeleton services’ this autumn as appointment levels rise during the traditionally busiest parts of the year.

03 August 2021

NHS Covid app tweaked to ‘ping’ fewer contacts

…five days prior to a positive test, but this will be updated to look back at contacts two days prior to a positive test.

02 August 2021

Co-administered flu programme may draw patients away from GP, NHSE admits

…must be able to co-administer flu and Covid vaccines from their individual practice buildings, which has not so far been possible with the Covid jab.

30 July 2021

‘Do not’ begin vaccinating 12-15-year-olds against Covid yet, NHS England tells GPs

GP-led vaccinations sites are having to cancel Covid-19 jabs for 12-15-year-olds after NHS England said they should not yet go ahead due to indemnity concerns.

30 July 2021

Pregnant women more likely to be hospitalised with Delta Covid variant

…admitted to hospital with Covid-19.

30 July 2021

GPs to do blood tests for non-acute suspected Covid-vaccine thrombocytopenia

GPs should do blood tests for non-acute patients who are suspected of having the rare blood clotting condition associated with the Astra Zeneca Covid vaccine, NICE has said.

29 July 2021

Amanda Pritchard to replace Simon Stevens as NHS England chief

…June, Baroness Dido Harding, the Conservative peer at the helm of the £37bn test-and-trace programme, briefed a Sunday newspaper about her own application for the role.

28 July 2021

Pregnant women urged to get Covid vaccine to avoid premature births

…95% of all pregnant women in hospital with Covid last week were unvaccinated.

23 July 2021

Care home-level Covid data shows 44 deaths in a single residential setting

The CQC has published detailed data on the numbers of Covid deaths that took place in individual care homes between April 2020 and March 2021.

21 July 2021

JCVI: MMR jabs may need to be offered in schools to catch up from Covid disruption

…young people than a Covid-19 immunisation programme’.

20 July 2021

GPs to identify vulnerable 12-15-year-olds for Covid vaccination

…at higher risk of serious Covid should have already been offered vaccination in line with existing guidance.

19 July 2021

Record-sized flu programme to target 35 million people for vaccinations

…preparing to deliver the expanded flu programme alongside a potential booster programme for Covid-19 vaccines this autumn and winter.

17 July 2021

GPs and data indicate continued rise in double-vaccinated Covid cases

Cases of Covid-19 in double-vaccinated people are continuing to rise, the latest data from the ZOE Covid study suggests.

16 July 2021

GPs ‘will be able to order as many Covid jabs as they need in booster programme’

GP-led vaccine sites will be able to order the Covid vaccines they want when they want them in phase three of the programme, NHS England has said.

16 July 2021

BMA passes vote to reject ‘power grab’ Health and Care Bill

…legal reforms while the NHS deals with the Covid-19 pandemic.

14 July 2021

Long Covid blood test could become available from GPs ‘within six months’

UK researchers have made a discovery which they believe will lead to a long Covid blood test that patients could access via their GP.

12 July 2021

GP practices threatened with legal action for asking patients to wear a face covering

…May that many Covid-symptomatic patients are attending face-to-face appointments having only had a negative rapid lateral flow test (LFT), putting GPs and staff at risk.

12 July 2021

GPs delivered over two thirds of Covid vaccinations in phase 1 of the programme

NHS Digital GP vaccination data has revealed that GP-led sites delivered more than two in three of all Covid vaccinations between December and April.

09 July 2021

GP recruitment and the pandemic aftershock

…12 months, according to Pulse’s latest survey.

09 July 2021

Javid urges immunosuppressed patients to contact GP as restrictions lift

…any risk of exposure to Covid-19.

07 July 2021

Data lowdown: one in five PCNs opted out of Covid vaccination programme

…the planned autumn Covid booster jab programme it suggested that the Covid vaccines will continue to take place at PCN group level.

07 July 2021

Vaccinated GPs will no longer need to isolate if in contact with Covid case

…a person who tests positive for Covid-19 might soon be able to take a lateral flow test and avoid self-isolation.

06 July 2021

Legal requirement to wear face masks to end when Covid restrictions lifted, says PM

…of certification and the NHS app gives you a Covid pass as one way to show your Covid status’.

05 July 2021

Covid vaccine interval to be cut to eight weeks for all adults

…at least one Covid jab, and 64% have had two doses so far.

05 July 2021

Javid: ‘Compelling’ health reasons to ‘restore freedoms’ on 19 July

The new health secretary has said there are ‘compelling’ health arguments to lift Covid restrictions on 19 July.

05 July 2021

GPs set to pool flu vaccines and administer with Covid jabs

GPs are ‘actively encouraged’ to pool flu vaccines between practices to enable co-administration with the Covid vaccine at a PCN grouping level, NHS England have said.

01 July 2021

Covid booster programme to be in two stages from September under interim JCVI advice

…receive their influenza and Covid-19 vaccines in good time.

30 June 2021

A message to our new health secretary, from a beleaguered GP workforce

…the most challenging issues are the continued rollout of the vaccine, the rising backlog of non-Covid issues, and social care reform.

30 June 2021

The 130,000 will be Hancock’s legacy

…through Covid.

30 June 2021

Six in 10 GP partners wish to deliver Covid jabs from own site

…practices being contracted for future Covid vaccine direct enhanced services.

30 June 2021

Shielding list to inform booster Covid jab prioritisation, NHS England suggests

…Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation issues its advice.

29 June 2021

Matt Hancock: the walking app who couldn’t cope with the virus

…to the Covid vaccination programme as his major success.

29 June 2021

What is in Sajid Javid’s in-tray?

Covid The middle of a pandemic is not the ideal time to be changing health secretaries (but probably not the best time to be having a non-socially distanced affair, either)….

28 June 2021

PPE for primary care


25 June 2021

Co-administration of flu and Covid jab ‘very likely’ for booster scheme, says NHSE chief

…want to put in the way of Covid going into winter.

24 June 2021

Two million people may have had long Covid, finds Government study

…Professor Paul Elliott said: ‘Our findings do paint a concerning picture of the longer-term health consequences of Covid-19, which need to be accounted for in policy and planning.

24 June 2021

GPs to handle referrals for ‘promising’ new IV treatment for Covid

…‘referrals mainly from general practice and NHS111’, according to the letter.

21 June 2021

Expect ‘difficult winter’ with both flu and Covid wave, warns CMO

…flu alongside Covid or Covid cases so bad that social distancing remains necessary.

18 June 2021

Evidently, we can do what we want

…has a woolly and arbitrary definition.

17 June 2021

The Pulse LIVE Virtual Event from a GP’s perspective

…to return to pre-Covid ways – and lockdown and social distancing measures have also dramatically impacted on conferences and medical gatherings in general.

16 June 2021

NHS England to commission long Covid GP enhanced service

…with Long Covid’.

15 June 2021

Earlier second doses expanded to 40-49s to combat Delta variant

Second Covid vaccine doses will be brought forward for people in their 40s as part of measures to combat the Delta variant, the Prime Minister has announced.

15 June 2021

GPs to be able to refer children and young people to specialist long Covid clinics

…long Covid clinics were in place around the country, with more sites expected to open in January.

15 June 2021

Headache, runny nose and sore throat top three symptoms of Delta variant, says researcher

…lateral flow tests with a confirmation PCR test if they get a positive result.

11 June 2021

Long Covid: ongoing cough

…poor predictor of respiratory symptoms and functional impairment in survivors of severe Covid-19 pneumonia.

07 June 2021

Diagnosing asthma


04 June 2021

MHRA authorises Pfizer Covid jab for 12-15-year-olds

The MHRA has authorised the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid vaccine for use in teenagers aged 12 to 15, the Government has announced.

04 June 2021

Working Life: Mentoring primary care workers in rural Nepal

…hours’ walk away, for tuberculosis testing.

04 June 2021

NHSE: GP practices to ‘urgently restore’ spirometry despite BMA guidance

…a matter of urgency’ and a ‘priority’, with a ‘clear assignment of responsibility for ensuring this happens’.

03 June 2021

GPs condemn contradictory F2F guidance from NHSE and PHE

…said: ‘Prior to admission to the waiting area, all patients/individuals and accompanying persons should be triaged for Covid-19 symptoms and assessed for exposure to contacts.

03 June 2021

Government orders extra AZ vaccine doses ‘adapted’ for the South Africa Covid variant

The UK Government has requested extra doses of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine developed for use against the South Africa variant, it has announced.

02 June 2021

‘Not yet safe’ for GP practices to allow walk-in patients, says BMA

Many GP practices are ‘not yet safe’ for walk-in patients due to unsuitable reception areas, the BMA has said.

02 June 2021

Moderna announces Covid-19 vaccine success in teenagers

Moderna has announced its vaccine is effective in 12- to 18-year-olds after a study saw no cases of Covid-19 in those who had two doses.

28 May 2021

Covid-19 immunity may last for years after mild infection, finds study

…need to be updated regularly.

28 May 2021

Single-dose Janssen Covid vaccine authorised by MHRA for UK rollout

…the overall benefits of Covid-19 vaccine Janssen in preventing Covid-19 outweigh the risks of side effects.

28 May 2021

Chronic Kidney Disease


28 May 2021

Cummings: ‘There was no plan for shielding, there wasn’t any plan for almost anything’

…revelations about the failure to protect care home patients from Covid exposure.

26 May 2021

GP referral thresholds raised to include mandatory FIT tests

…referring patients with urgent suspected bowel cancer to hospitals based on symptoms alone and without a positive FIT test, under changes to local NHS guidance brought about by Covid-19.

26 May 2021

Covid-symptomatic patients are seeking face-to-face appointments, warn GPs

…if they have Covid symptoms they should arrange a PCR test instead.

25 May 2021

UK regulator ‘scrutinising’ child Covid vaccine trials as US extends Pfizer eligibility to over-12s

The UK medicines regulator has told Pulse it still is ‘scrutinising’ child Covid vaccine trials to consider whether vaccination should be extended to younger ages.

21 May 2021

Diabetes reviews


21 May 2021

‘World-first’ UK trial to report on booster Covid vaccines ‘by September’

A new UK clinical trial will test seven different vaccines for a third ‘booster’ Covid shot and report by September, the Government has announced.

19 May 2021

ACE Inhibitors and ARBs


18 May 2021

Long Covid: swallowing and voice problems

Covid clinic referral? Platforms such as Your Covid Recovery are likely to be of benefit in the early stages.

17 May 2021

Government may bring forward second vaccine doses in Covid variant areas

The Government has said that it could send additional doses of the Covid vaccine to areas where variants of concerns are spreading, including to bring forward second doses.

14 May 2021

‘The nation owes GPs a huge debt of gratitude’

…and difficult time that has left many physically exhausted and mentally drained.

11 May 2021

LMCs support individual practices being contracted for future Covid vaccine DES

The UK LMCs conference has voted in favour of individual practices being contracted for future Covid vaccine direct enhanced services.

11 May 2021

New onset diabetes


07 May 2021

Long Covid: breathlessness

…The road to recovery.

07 May 2021


…people (PRINCIPLE) trial involves over 1,000 GP practices.

07 May 2021

EMIS patient app launches Covid vaccine passport feature

EMIS has launched a new feature to allow its patient app users to easily access their Covid vaccination record and demonstrate it via their mobiles.

04 May 2021

What GPs need to know about Covid-19 and socially vulnerable groups

…Scale (CFS) during the Covid-19 outbreak.

04 May 2021

What GPs need to know about respiratory conditions during the pandemic

…and their families following infection with Covid-19.

04 May 2021

What GPs need to know about prescribing and Covid-19

Covid-19 Here you’ll find information sourced from the Specialist Pharmacy Service on how symptoms of Covid-19 can mimic clozapine-related adverse drug effects.

04 May 2021

What GPs need to know about recovery after Covid-19 infection

…recovery form Covid-19.

04 May 2021

What GPs need to know about Covid-19 and mental health

…fatigue and depression during their recovery from Covid-19.

04 May 2021

What GPs need to know about isolation and social distancing during the pandemic

…of a positive Covid test, a negative test, symptoms and contacts, from PHE, GOV.

04 May 2021

What GPs need to know about managing diabetes during the pandemic

…guide for GPs on the QCovid score, which uses factors like age, sex, ethnicity and existing medical conditions to predict risk of death or hospitalisation from Covid-19.

04 May 2021

Resources to help support children and young people during the pandemic

…treating children and young people during Covid-19 has a series of guides for you to explore, giving you a wealth of information to support your practice.

04 May 2021

Pulse’s Covid vaccine resources to support GPs

Covid vaccinations for children and young people, brought together from the BMJ, The Green Book, and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

30 April 2021

How nearly 100 practices were left to close last year amid the Covid crisis

…of GP practices in their region during the Covid-19 outbreak.

30 April 2021

What GPs need to know about Covid-19 symptom management

Our resources page on Covid-19 symptom management has a series of guides for you to explore, giving you a wealth of information to support your practice.

29 April 2021

What GPs need to know about supporting staff during Covid-19

…outlets to help you source PPE when you cannot obtain it through official channels.

29 April 2021

NHS England chief executive to quit post and join the House of Lords

…the NHS through its greatest test when he could have gone last summer is a testament to what a principled and honourable man he is.

29 April 2021

First antiviral added to primary care Covid treatment trial

…aged over 65; aged 50-64 with certain underlying health conditions; or aged 18 or over with breathlessness associated with Covid-19 is eligible to take part.

23 April 2021

NHSE: GPs expected to treat ‘very limited’ number of Covid patients with budesonide

…for routine use’, following positive initial trial results.

23 April 2021

Single Covid vaccine dose causes 65% drop in infection for all ages, finds UK survey

One dose of either the Oxford/AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccine reduced Covid-19 infection by 65%, according to real-world data from the UK Covid-19 Infection Survey.

23 April 2021

Covid no longer leading cause of death in England and Wales

…that Covid-19 was the third biggest cause of death accounting for 9.

22 April 2021

Ten top tips: Headache after AZ Covid vaccination (updated 21 April)

…Cerebral Venous Thrombosis: A Comprehensive Review.

21 April 2021

Government aims for at-home antiviral treatment against Covid by autumn

The Government has launched a bid to identify antiviral drugs that patients can take at home when they have been diagnosed with, or exposed to, Covid.

20 April 2021

Previous infection does not fully protect young people against Covid

It is important for young people to have the Covid vaccine even if they have previously been infected, in order to stop reinfection and onward transmission, researchers have stressed.

20 April 2021

Government considering mandatory Covid vaccinations for GPs visiting care homes

GPs who visit care home residents aged over 65 could become subject to mandatory Covid vaccination, under proposals posed in a Government consultation.

19 April 2021

Pregnant women should be offered Covid vaccine, says JCVI

…from Covid-19 are encouraged to promptly take up the offer of vaccination when offered.

16 April 2021

Risk of CVT far higher from Covid-19 than vaccination, study suggests

The risk of cerebral venous thrombosis is several times higher after Covid-19 infection than after vaccination, researchers at Oxford University have concluded.

15 April 2021

GPs can prescribe budesonide for Covid in some cases, after successful trial

…meaning of which should be discussed with the patient.

12 April 2021

Bowel cancer screening extended to patients aged 56 this month

…have been available for anyone over the age of 60 years with 60-74-year-olds automatically sent a home test every two years.

09 April 2021

BMA warning as Government makes rapid Covid tests available to all

…they only detect Covid in roughly half of people with symptoms, and significantly fewer asymptomatic cases.

06 April 2021

Vaccination supply dips but effectiveness data provide cheer

…team used routine symptomatic testing data to estimate how well the vaccines prevent disease by comparing vaccination rates in those who tested positive with those who tested negative.

06 April 2021

Over one million people living with long Covid symptoms in UK, finds ONS

More than one million people in the UK are now living with long Covid symptoms, figures from the Office for National Statistics show.

01 April 2021

The new workload crisis

…phone calls following government announcements about new criteria for priority vaccination and patients who should be shielding from Covid.

01 April 2021

PCNs organise drop-in clinics to catch Covid vaccine stragglers

Primary care networks have been holding drop-in Covid vaccination clinics to reach their remaining unvaccinated patients in priority cohorts 1-9.

31 March 2021

Covid Oximetry @home


29 March 2021

Single vaccine shot reduces care home Covid infections by 62%

A single dose of either vaccine prevents 62% of Covid infections among care home residents, a University College London (UCL) study has found.

29 March 2021

Long term condition reviews


26 March 2021

Majority of hospitalised coronavirus patients suffer long Covid post-discharge

…health burden was substantial, it was ‘perhaps surprisingly’ unrelated to acute severity of Covid-19, they concluded.

25 March 2021

Book Covid jab before supply dries up, NHSE tells eligible patients

…have now had their first dose of Covid-19 vaccine, while over half of the adult population have had at least one vaccine dose.

25 March 2021

The seeds of the past year were sown over the past decade

…– and, specifically, GPs – took over.

24 March 2021

New UK health security body to launch from April

…Public Health England, NHS Test and Trace and the Joint Biosecurity Centre to protect the population from future health threats as well as continuing to tackle Covid-19.

24 March 2021

Government considering mandatory Covid vaccinations for some frontline staff

…least 30% less likely’ to pass Covid-19 onto others after one vaccine dose.

23 March 2021

GP recommendation added as option for patients booking Covid tests

Patients can now book a PCR Covid test on a GP recommendation alone, whatever their symptoms are.

22 March 2021

GP practices to be supported with new £120m Covid fund until September

GP practice income will be boosted by a new £120m Covid fund for six months from April, NHS England has announced.

19 March 2021



19 March 2021

AstraZeneca vaccine ‘likely reduces’ risk of blood clots overall, says EMA

…people from Covid-19 with the associated risks of death and hospitalisation outweigh the possible risks.

18 March 2021

Second Covid vaccine doses ‘will go ahead as planned’ in April, says Hancock

Second-dose clinics will not be affected by a reduction in Covid vaccine supply next month, the health secretary has confirmed.

18 March 2021

GPs ‘at least 30% less likely’ to pass Covid-19 onto others after one vaccine dose

…health records of people who lived with vaccinated and unvaccinated healthcare workers between 8 December and 3 March to find how many tested positive for Covid-19 or were hospitalised.

18 March 2021

Fatigue lasting months most common long Covid symptom, finds NIHR review

Covid syndrome and permanent organ damage.

16 March 2021

Novavax to seek regulatory approval as vaccine found ‘100% effective’ against severe Covid

…for keeping cases as low as possible whilst the burden of Covid-19 is high.

15 March 2021

Antigen testing


12 March 2021

Over 400,000 patients given inflated Covid risk scores due to missing data

…risk of complications from Covid-19.

11 March 2021

GP presence ‘not essential’ at Covid vaccination sites, says NHSE

…license under the temporary provision’ to register any temporary sites; Lateral flow tests should be used for ‘regular testing’ of staff at PCN sites.

09 March 2021

Doctor pay rise of 1% is a ‘kick in the teeth’, says BMA

…investment to deal with the lasting impact of Covid-19’.

05 March 2021

More than half of severe Covid patients suffer heart damage

More than half of all patients hospitalised with severe Covid-19 have heart damage, according to new research from the British Heart Foundation.

02 March 2021

PHE: Single shot of AZ vaccine reduces over-80s’ hospitalisation risk by 80%

…more than 14 days before testing positive with unvaccinated cases.

02 March 2021

Covid vaccine programme to get £1.65bn funding boost

The chancellor Rishi Sunak is set to announce £1.

01 March 2021

Covid booster shots could become part of core GP contract, says BMA

Exclusive Covid booster jabs could become part of core GP contractual work in the future, the BMA’s GP Committee chair has told Pulse.

01 March 2021

Workload survey live blog: ‘This workload feels unmanageable’

…including blood results and prescription requests.

01 March 2021

GPs ‘banned’ from wearing own FFP3 masks in Covid hot hub

…is advised for other direct patient care, including in Covid assessment centres.

26 February 2021

Covid vaccine priority to continue by age in phase two rollout

…adults by the end of July.

26 February 2021

Home HPV swab kits to be piloted to increase cervical screening uptake

…Women who test positive for HPV will be invited to the GP practice for a follow up smear test.

24 February 2021

Government plans Covid revaccination campaign for autumn/winter 2021

…Yesterday’s spring Covid response plan added: ‘Over time, scientists expect Covid-19 to become endemic, meaning the virus will reach a stable, and hopefully manageable level.

23 February 2021

NHS Property Services sues GP practices for £1.3m in premises fees

…the BMA’s ‘test case’ regarding NHS Property Services’ 2017/18 ‘national charging policy’.

23 February 2021

PHE: One Covid vaccine dose reduces hospitalisation risk by more than 75%

Covid in those aged over 80, while two doses increased protection to more than 85%.

22 February 2021

GPs call for better support after losing partnerships to long Covid

Some GPs have lost their partnership status while struggling to recover from persisting symptoms of Covid-19.

18 February 2021

GPs told to prioritise an extra 800,000 new shielding patients for Covid vaccination

…the NHS identify further individuals who may be at high risk from Covid-19 due to a combination of personal and health factors.

16 February 2021

A global effort is the only chance of overcoming Covid

…better test and trace would have been if it were NHS led in the first place.

12 February 2021

‘More than 40% of people suffer trauma following Covid-19′

…common symptom experienced by Covid-19 patients was flashbacks.

11 February 2021

January saw almost a third of all Covid hospital admissions to date

…quarter of a million patients with confirmed cases of Covid-19.

11 February 2021

The Government and their scientists need a dose of the GP’s pragmatism

It’s been a logistical nightmare to deliver medical services in this ‘Covid-world’.

10 February 2021

Wider range of symptoms linked with Covid-19, shows large study

…be added to the list of symptoms that prompt people to get a Covid test, they said.

10 February 2021

GPs to opportunistically report patients who developed Covid after vaccination

test, with cases found via a lateral flow device to be ‘confirmed’ using a PCR test, it added.

10 February 2021

Review PPE guidance for GP ‘hot zones’, say Covid aerosol researchers

PPE requirements for GPs working in Covid ‘hot zones’ need to be reviewed with the consideration of recommending higher-grade face masks, scientists studying aerosol transmission have told Pulse.

10 February 2021

Patients who have had Covid more likely to suffer vaccine side effects

Patients who previously had Covid are far more likely to suffer side effects from the Pfizer jab, a UK study has revealed.

08 February 2021

Oxford vaccine offers ‘minimal’ protection against South Africa Covid variant

…that the vaccine is effective against the Kent mutation of coronavirus.

08 February 2021

Differentiating viral Covid-19 pneumonia from bacterial pneumonia

…likely to have a Covid‑19 viral pneumonia than a community-acquired bacterial pneumonia.

05 February 2021

More than half of over-70s have received Covid jab, says Hancock

The NHS has vaccinated more than half of all people in their 70s against Covid-19, health secretary Matt Hancock has announced.

02 February 2021

GPs urging Government to add a runny nose to list of Covid symptoms

…coryza, should be added to the list of symptoms that prompt people to get a Covid test, they said.

01 February 2021

This is a daily marathon – but speed is of the essence

…a personal capacity References 1 Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation: advice on priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination, 30 December 2020.

01 February 2021

‘Crucial milestone’ as all care homes offered Covid vaccinations

The NHS has now offered the Covid vaccine at every eligible care home in England, with Prime Minister hailing this as ‘a crucial milestone’.

01 February 2021

GPs to manage long Covid patients as specialist clinics suspended

GPs in Essex are set to manage patients with long-term symptoms of Covid-19 as clinics have been temporarily suspended across the area.

29 January 2021



29 January 2021

Lateral flow rapid Covid tests pick up 90% of cases, study finds

…arrive earlier this month.

28 January 2021

Cough, fatigue, sore throat and muscle pain more common with new Covid variant

…the new form of the virus, although the percentage differences were small.

27 January 2021

‘We must learn lessons from tragedy’, says BMA chair as UK surpasses 100k Covid deaths

…died within 28 days of a positive Covid test.

26 January 2021

GPs to care for patients discharged from hospital to free up beds

…have tested positive for Covid may be discharged into care homes if they are ‘not considered to pose an infection risk’.

25 January 2021

A better new year would be divine

…querying whether they should have the Covid vaccine.

15 January 2021

GPs asked to help identify patients to discharge from hospital

…of this closer together rather than pushed apart.

14 January 2021

Covid-19 reinfection ‘rare’ says NHS study but some may still pass the virus on

…with antibodies may still be able to pass the virus on.

14 January 2021

In full: NHS England letter on Covid vaccination in care homes

…concerns from vaccinating individuals with a past history of COVID-19 infection, or with detectable COVID-19 antibody.

13 January 2021

GPs should visit Covid-positive care homes to deliver vaccinations

…when other residents have been diagnosed as having Covid-19 infection.

13 January 2021

‘Most’ GP practices should stop non-essential work, say BMA and RCGP

…potentially overwhelming demand relating to Covid-19, acute deterioration in long-term conditions, new symptoms indicating potentially serious disease and the Covid-19 vaccination rollout’.

12 January 2021

Pfizer vaccine effective against new Covid variants, lab study suggests

…from people who have received the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine effectively neutralise SARS-CoV-2 with a key mutation that is also found in two highly transmissible strains.

08 January 2021

In full: NHS England letter on freeing up practice time

…fully and safely open for patients, including maintenance of appointments.

07 January 2021

NHS England sets out measures to address GP workload

…Supporting establishment of the simple COVID oximetry@home patient self-monitoring model and identifying and supporting patients with Long COVID.

07 January 2021

GPs can now offer Covid vaccines to patients with history of anaphylaxis

GPs can now deliver Covid vaccinations to patients with a history of anaphylaxis, NHS England has said.

05 January 2021

GPs told to ‘stand down’ routine care and prioritise Covid vaccinations

GPs have been asked to ‘stand down’ non-essential work over the next two weeks in a bid to free up time to deliver Covid vaccinations.

05 January 2021

Tributes paid as two further GPs die with Covid-19

Tributes have been paid to two further GPs who have died with Covid-19, bringing the total number of GPs lost to the pandemic to 16.

04 January 2021

Despite everything, we have reason to hope

…work will leave many providing it at a loss.

04 January 2021

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should now be offered Covid vaccination

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should be offered Covid vaccination, following an update to guidance by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

04 January 2021

Review of the year: The antisocial networks

…‘hot hubs’ and plans for the seasonal flu vaccination programme.

02 January 2021

Thousands of immunosuppressed patients to test Covid antibody cocktail

…advice that over-16s with underlying health conditions should be vaccinated against Covid.

21 December 2020

GPs invited to order Covid vaccines for care home delivery

…PCR/ LFT test prior to visiting care homes and that PCNs should ensure general staff testing is in place.

21 December 2020

Bah humbug: The Pulse annual awards

…just saying something will happen, means it will (see also: guarantees to ‘Get Brexit Done’).

18 December 2020

A hell of a year and a year of hell

…fool’s errand.

18 December 2020

GPs should consider long Covid referral after just four weeks, says final NICE guideline

…their area and 21% said yes while 50% said no and 29% didn’t know.

18 December 2020

NI GPs to lose income protection if they don’t staff Covid centres

GPs in Northern Ireland have been told they will lose their protected payments from QOF and enhanced services unless they staff Covid centres.

16 December 2020

Confusion over Covid vaccine delays ‘frustrating’, says BMA

The BMA has said that the ‘challenges’ faced by practices signed up to deliver the Covid vaccine from this week are ‘frustrating’.

15 December 2020

Asymptomatic GP Covid testing to launch from this week

COVID19 app; If a positive lateral flow test is confirmed with a positive PCR test, lateral flow testing should be paused for that staff member for 90 days.

15 December 2020

GMC fees to rise with inflation from April

…in setting up a temporary test centre next spring, so it can test more doctors from overseas during the Covid-19 pandemic.

15 December 2020

Number of GP sites delivering Covid vaccine plummets to around 100

The number of GP practice sites delivering the Covid vaccine from this week has plummeted to around 100.

14 December 2020

GPs should make ‘at least’ four Covid vaccine visits to care homes

…roving vaccination teams should ‘consider’ Covid testing before visiting care homes to ‘mitigate the risk of vaccinators testing positive on arrival’, NHS England said.

11 December 2020

NAO: NHS Test and Trace ‘must improve its performance’

…system and leaft local public health teams out in the cold.

11 December 2020

Does past infection with Covid-19 confer any protection for patients and healthcare staff?

…recovered are they unlikely to suffer severe illness from Covid-19 in the future? A.

11 December 2020

GPs to observe Covid vaccine patients for 15 minutes amid anaphylaxis precautions

…fact that these incidents were picked up and reviewed’ is testament to the MHRA’s ‘robust and proactive safety monitoring strategy for Covid-19 vaccines’.

10 December 2020

Don’t give Pfizer Covid vaccine to patients with ‘significant’ allergic reactions history, says MHRA

GPs and other health professionals should check with patients if they have previously suffered significant allergic reactions before administering the Pfizer Covid vaccine, under temporary guidance issued today.

09 December 2020

GPs to prioritise elderly BAME patients for first Covid-19 vaccine batch

GPs have been instructed to prioritise patients from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds in their first over-80s Covid-19 vaccination cohorts.

08 December 2020

CMOs warn GPs to prepare for Covid after effects of Christmas ‘social mixing’

…for what all of you have done and continue to do.

04 December 2020

GPs to refer patients to long Covid lung damage study

GPs will work with researchers using innovative scanning technology to reveal previously undetected lung damage in patients experiencing long-term Covid-19 symptoms.

04 December 2020

What are the neurological manifestations of Covid and how do they present?

…of Covid that you are seeing? A.

28 September 2020

What do I need to know about skin manifestations of Covid-19?

…these signs in isolation or are they accompanied by more typical Covid-19 symptoms too? What should I look out for in primary care? A.

17 July 2020

Neurological conditions


10 July 2020

Isolation notes


08 July 2020

When should we refer patients with ongoing breathlessness post Covid-19?

…(chest pain, worsening SOB)? A.

05 June 2020

Abnormal uterine bleeding

…Be informed that a 2 week wait referral to secondary care will be made Determine if they have any symptoms of Covid-19.

21 May 2020



08 May 2020

Covid Symptom Tracker

…using this app you’re contributing to advance vital research on COVID-19 This page updates every day with the number of current Covid infections in each area of the UK: https://covid.

29 April 2020

When to take an antigen or antibody test for Covid-19

…The test for the virus detects the genetic material (nucleic acid) of the virus during an active infection.

26 April 2020

NSAIDs and Covid-19


23 April 2020