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Truth is drowned out as media attacks intensify

While the media write that general practice is ‘closed’, a

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Winter is coming

Emma Wilkinson looks at the factors that could make the

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Big Brother’s big data grab: GPs caught up in patient records controversy

A new system for extracting patient records has been postponed

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How normal service is being forced upon GPs

When NHS England instructed GPs to grant all patients face-to-face

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How systemic racism affects general practice

Covid and the Black Lives Matter movement have shone a

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The new workload crisis

The pandemic has compounded already high GP workloads while bringing

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How are we going to exit the pandemic?

A year on from the start of the UK’s first

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The media’s anti-GP agenda

A Pulse investigation reveals GPs really did take a bashing

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2021: The year of the Covid vaccine

As GPs embark on the Covid-19 vaccination programme, Lily Canter

A Christmas miracle needed

GPs have been given a bittersweet present in the form

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The National Covid Service?

Covid infections are increasing daily and there are fears of

PCNs: The antisocial networks?

Since being announced as part of the GP contract in

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How GPs are preparing themselves for this year’s mammoth flu programme

GPs are scrambling to deliver the largest-ever flu campaign. Emma Wilkinson reports

How GPs have used the independent model to adapt in the pandemic

The flexibility of the partnership model has given GP practices the freedom to shine during awful times. Nicola Merrifield reports