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Cover Feature

How GPs are facing up to a mental health epidemic

As mental health services struggle to cope with rising demand,

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The hospital GPs

A review of primary care is looming, and the Government

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Will Covid signal the end of the road for overmedicalisation?

The pandemic could offer the chance to review our increasing

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Private providers making the most of the pandemic

One sector that is thriving as a result of Covid

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A new hope? The priorities for the new GPC England chair

As Dr Farah Jameel takes the helm at the BMA

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The plan that shook general practice

NHS England’s strategy to increase face-to-face appointments has rocked general

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Winter is coming

Emma Wilkinson looks at the factors that could make the

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A better general practice

Pulse’s new campaign posits a better vision of the profession

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Big Brother’s big data grab: GPs caught up in patient records controversy

A new system for extracting patient records has been postponed

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How normal service is being forced upon GPs

When NHS England instructed GPs to grant all patients face-to-face

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How systemic racism affects general practice

Covid and the Black Lives Matter movement have shone a

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The new workload crisis

The pandemic has compounded already high GP workloads while bringing

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How are we going to exit the pandemic?

A year on from the start of the UK’s first

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The media’s anti-GP agenda

A Pulse investigation reveals GPs really did take a bashing

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