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PCNs: The antisocial networks?

Since being announced as part of the GP contract in

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How GPs are preparing themselves for this year’s mammoth flu programme

GPs are scrambling to deliver the largest-ever flu campaign. Emma Wilkinson reports

How GPs have used the independent model to adapt in the pandemic

The flexibility of the partnership model has given GP practices the freedom to shine during awful times. Nicola Merrifield reports

​GPs go forth: Has the Government’s strategy put GPs at risk?

Are the Government’s cunning plans putting frontline GPs at risk, asks Jaimie Kaffash

​The virus that is set to change general practice forever

Pulse looks at the medium and long-term effects of Covid-19 on general practice

Is general practice really at its lowest point?

A look at how far GP working conditions have come since the inception of Pulse 60 years ago

The GP workforce’s faulty production line

The new Government has promised to recruit 6,000 new GPs, but it may have its sums wrong, says Costanza Pearce

Revealed: How CAMHS are restricting GPs’ referrals

Pulse reveals how CAMHS referral critera are stopping GPs' patients from getting help

Gold, incentives and ‘meh’: how the major parties’ election pledges stack up

Jaimie Kaffash  grills the main parties on their plans for general practice in the upcoming election

How GPs are being buried under secondary care work

Hospitals and other secondary care services continue to pile work onto GPs

Revealed: Why you are earning less than your neighbouring GP practice

Pulse reveals what types of practice earn the most - and the reasons for it

How artificial intelligence is changing the GP-patient relationship

‘Alexa, what are the early signs of a stroke?’ GPs

Incidentaloma on the rise: how GPs are left to manage unexpected findings

GPs are dealing with more diagnostic tests than ever before.

The full story on how practices are closing in record numbers

Pulse's investigation into practice closures reveals major problems have continued unabated